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I could not agree more, I purchased my first gloss screen from Apple last year and have loved it since day one for photo editing and video work, that monster 27 is a dream; and in fact my wife and I liked them so much we treated all of our employees to new 27" cinemas a month after we bought ours, we have not had any complaints about them so far; rather the opposite they have been praising the new monitors. Some people just like to complain about anything they can
I do not believe it would be in Apple's best interest to change it's Genius Bar to a pay system like this Um fella is suggesting.
So how did you test it before when it was $999 for FCS? I would suggest you go into an Apple Store and take it for a whirl, you might be able to watch some online tutorial videos to get a good feel, and after all that you should phone Apple to see what other options they can provide you.
What it means is you cannot just install the Lion Server ($49.99) apps onto Snow Leopard Server because the core OS's are different, you need to install Lion first, then you can install the server apps.
$50 for the server apps is a good deal !
I believe this is what you are looking for mate, also I am about 99% sure this is a desktop class card; however I could be wrong. http://www.mxm-upgrade.com/m17xR3.htmlhttp://www.mxm-upgrade.com/
Just stumbled across a 32.0GB ram kit for the iMac, this is SICK!!!! Pricey however still awesome, I did not see a thread about this; so if there is one please delete this.... thanks.Technology: DDR3 SO-DIMMDensity: 8GB (8192MB)RoHS: YesPin Count: 204-pinOp. Temp.: 0C to +85CData Rate: DDR3-1333Speed: PC3-10600CL: CAS 9-9-9-24Cycle Time: 1.875nsVoltage: 1.5VECC: Non ECCModule Ranks: Dual RankRegister: Non ParityLow Noise 8-Layer PCBMeets and/or Exceeds Apple/Intel...
At the back of the soup kitchen line; they are out of money don't you know.
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