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It's totally fine to sell off any stock held when the trading day opens; as this is not insider information and it's all above the table.
I love how the list of defendants is not even alphabetized, is there any reason for this ?
One could hope the new iMacs have a true desktop class video card in them, I have the original i7 iMac and it's an awesome computer; however a true desktop class video card in the revision would have me placing an order asap.
Jobs cannot vote for himself.
Pardon me for sounding cold hearted here; please take the following into account. Now who remembers Japan sending aid money to the USA when Katrina hit and killed people and destroyed billions of dollars of property?
Wow that came quicker than I expected !
I am using it now and it's polish so far is excellent, have no doubt that the retail GM will excite and put a smile on your face.
Man you would bitch if they hung you with a new rope eh......
Pack that attitude up and take it home, AMD graphics are nothing to sneeze at mate.
Someone stole Apples Thunder eh
New Posts  All Forums: