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If it's a touch screen count me out.... yuck
I would totally jump on a new iMac if the goodies were right !
Apple has been a starving child with it's hands held open for money before, there is no chance in hell the board of directors will ever make a purchase big enough to deplete cash reserves, I just cannot see it happening.
No problems here with Safari viewing the site, it looks great.
Totally laughed out loud haha
RBC is the second largest share holder of RIM with a little over 15 million holdings... This Abramsky should be taken with a grain of salt
I believe you have the concept wrong from the start if you are thinking "Why is there no physical media player and how are they going to do DVR" Well I can tell you iTunes is the reason for no physical media mate, Apple TV is 90% about selling content off the iTunes store and 10% about getting Apple's foot in the door of the living-room at a great price point. When it comes to DVR; personally I feel it's so yesterday, I do not want to go though the bother to fast forward...
Same reason Canada governs it's banking systems? You do know none of your banks went tits up with the recession and needed no public monies to be bailed out. If I were you, I would stop complaining and just enjoy the book store eh... It seems the government knows what is best to protect the writers and literature market in Canada.
It's nice to see Chinese workers becoming somewhat Americanized when it comes to their attitude to improve their lives though better wages and grouping together against their employer. On another side note, personally I could care less if they are protesting because foxconn is doing a little corporate restructuring, get used to it people... that's business !
The Beatles are timeless yes, however I cannot see what all the fuss is about. One has had the ability to purchase the entire catalogue for years now at a other vendors and just rip the music to library. I have owned the catalogue for a long time.... Beatles on iTunes = meh
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