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Worked. Still got some message that says it is there just the picture ads are blocked. Any idea's on how to remove this from my machine completely?
Every timeĀ I start up safari then go to yahoo, I get some coupon drop down ad every time. Anyone know how I go about getting rid of this? Pretty sure it is some kind of virus or malware. Thanks
I wish they would remove this dam load bar they put in or at least let me change the color. I wear everything loads now twice as slow.
HAHAHA laugh it up! I'm still totally clueless when it comes to mac's, but learning.
Anyone know what keys I press to get to the Bios screen on an new Macbook Pro? Is there one?
Didn't mean to be barking orders just came out that way. I'll check them out.
Need to know what program is out there to capture/record my desktop. Also the program must be able to zoom to an area on the desktop. Any help would be awesome. THANKS
Maybe soon scanner's will come equipped with the feature.
What is a good program that will let me get text from an scanned document?
Awesome that works. I hope they fix that soon. I am going to call apple tech tomorrow and report/complain about it to maybe get it fixed faster I love that feature.
New Posts  All Forums: