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Except FM comes with tons of commercials
Spotify will probably match the family 6 for $14.99 offer
What's the point of slightly less expensive phone? It brings only a confusion to the product lineup. Instead Apple should have put an effort into a 5" model as a second option.
 Right. And it is also inconsistent that when you click "?123" key, it would switch, but if you click "Shift" it would not. Also, on Galaxy S4 you don't even need to switch do get numbers - screen is big enough to accommodate them along with letters. And, you can even have cursor keys. 
 I agree. iOS7 is just plain ugly. It has no character, no elegance, no consistency. It looks like a UI from some Chinese newcomer. I wish I could revert my iPad to iOS6. 
 OK. I am downloading the iTunes upgrade. May be I do have a backup.
 I am sorry, what backup?
Downloaded and installed smoothly on my ipad mini. But man, the new look and feel crappy. If id know its so bad, I would not upgrade. Is there way to go back and revert?
 Like iPhone antenna and maps?
Apple is too greedy and cocky, as always.   And apparently, Russia is now more capitalistic than US. They allow no subsidies. 
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