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  Stop whining, guys. Very soon GG will be embedded into regular optical glasses and sunglasses, so they will be less visible or not visible at all. They will be a normal extension of our mobile devices.   At some point in the future GG-type and Bluetooth-type interfaces will be implanted into human body just like they implant today breasts, hips, and heart cardioverters with computer chip.
  Excuses from QA team not to get fired 
  Sure, like smartphone with no copy/paste, non-working antenna or messed up maps...
  Yes, today we are limited by "great difficulty establishing mutual informed consent" and by law requiring that consent. Both things could change in the future.  But think outside of the box: both science and law evolve.  Things that were unheard of 200 years ago are considered normal today.   
  But people are protected and may be they would want this kind of rights.   One can argue, that the fact that animals are not protected, does not mean that this is right and fair. At times even people-minorities and women were not protected by the US Constitution.  
  That's right, why not? It looks like clear discrimination.
  Who are you to judge what is "stupid"? You "should stay out of people's lives as much as possible".   Give everybody equal rights - it is democracy! 
  What's next? Marriage equality for polygamists? For human-animal couples?
  Next thing Apple will buy Sony film business
iOS device has better battery life over Android device for a reason. iOS has less features, less customization, less multitasking. As result, the battery life comes to an iPhone user at the cost. Basic example: Safari can't use plugins, and it has to refresh when you switch between tabs.
New Posts  All Forums: