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Silicon, aluminum, and glass are not a technology - it is just a material. And 15 year old microchip design is definitely obsolete in so many ways. I did not say it's "crap", but LCD with backlighting is inferior NOT because it's "15 year old technology", but because there is much better tech available now - Super AMOLED Plus and Super AMOLED HD. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-iP-...ayer_embedded#!
"Retina" is just a marketing definition of a certain resolution level. Otherwise iPhone is using 15 year old LCD-TFT technology with backlight. New Super AMOLED HD displays match Retina resolution requirements and exceed LCD-TFT in many other ways: Better outdoor readability More vivid color saturation Wider viewing angle No motion blurs on video play 100 times better contrast ratio Pure black levels (no backlight) Longer average battery life (no backlight) Thinner and...
Investing in old tech LCD is a wrong move. Sharp does not have Super AMOLED technology. In one year from now Apple will be far behind from Samy, Nokia and Moto - all three already started to use Super AMOLED for their high end phones.
What "experience"? The iPhone screen is tiny, keyboard buttons small, data is slow (no 4G), no atenna fix for 16 month, and the battery drains fast
We are not talking extremes. On average AMOLED consumes less power. Super AMOLED saves addional 20%. Quote: "AMOLED consumes less power, provides more vivid picture quality, and renders faster motion response as compared to other display technologies such as LCD. However, Super AMOLED is even better at this with 20% brighter screen, 20% lower power consumption and 80% less sunlight...
Well said
I agree, Super AMOLED screens are fantastic. Samsung has already came up with the first Super AMOLED+ Galaxy tablet with 1280 x 800 pixels resolution (the highest pixel density we've seen on a tablet yet 196ppi). But unfortunately Super AMOLED screen is not going to happend to iPad anytime soon since currently these displays available only from a major competitor - Samsung. Major iPhone and iPad components already supplied by Samsung.
That's right. Super AMOLED HD is superior to OLED. Apple would have to go to Samsung again to keep up with Jones. Moto and Nokia already buying AMOLED displays from Samsung for some of their high end phones.
Yea, Samsung is behind of at least 25% of iPhone parts. Samsung may also manufacture an unknown share of other 50% of iPhone parts which probably include processor and some LCDs and touchscreens and the bigger share of LCD shipments apparently come from LG. So while iPhone software comes from Apple, the electronics are largely Korean.http://www.ubergizmo.com/2011/08/sam...phone-4-parts/At some point Apple will have to follow the trend (latest Super AMOLED Samsung, Moto,...
yea, well deserved, Apple needs some extra rest after 16 month of hard work. Longer vacations, longer waiting time for some iPhone 4X
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