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Yea, Samsung is behind of at least 25% of iPhone parts. Samsung may also manufacture an unknown share of other 50% of iPhone parts which probably include processor and some LCDs and touchscreens and the bigger share of LCD shipments apparently come from LG. So while iPhone software comes from Apple, the electronics are largely Korean.http://www.ubergizmo.com/2011/08/sam...phone-4-parts/At some point Apple will have to follow the trend (latest Super AMOLED Samsung, Moto,...
yea, well deserved, Apple needs some extra rest after 16 month of hard work. Longer vacations, longer waiting time for some iPhone 4X
Of course sooner or later Apple will release 4-4.5 inch iPhone and 6-7" iPad. It is just a matter of time until they will wake up. They do sell MacBooks, iMacs and iPods of various screen sizes. Don't they? The longer Apple waits, the more market share (and revenue) it looses. Look what happened with iPhones: the 4-5" smartphone vacuum was quickly filled with Androids. Androids have doubled market share while Apple did not make any gains. The same will happend with 5-7"...
Sprint 4G coverage expanding alongside release of EVO 4G:- 06 May 2010 http://www.neowin.net/news/sprint-4g...ease-of-evo-4gThe 4G coverage perhaps was initially small, but that time HTC released the future proof phone, not the obsolete one. Here we are: 1.5 years later Apple finally matching the specs (partially).Meanwhile HTC and Samsung are not sleeping: Super AMOLED HD screens with a resolution of 1280x1024, 1.5-2.0GHz dual-quad core, LTE. And they offer any screen...
This phone is obsolete on arrival. 8 mpx, face recognition, voice command, notifications, "4G-like"? Wow. All of these was available on HTC EVO 4G 1.5 years ago
"Galaxy Nexus is said to be packing a 4.65-inch 1280x720 Super AMOLED Plus display, 1.5GHz dual-core Exynos processor, 16GB storage, 1GB RAM, 2,000mAh battery, and Ice Cream Sandwich. The body of the phone is reportedly made of metal and measures 8.8mm thick." "...details on the Galaxy S III. Reportedly set for a debut at MWC 2012 and a worldwide launch in mid-2012, the GSIII is said to feature a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED III display with a resolution of 1280x1024 and...
Actually quite opposite. iPhone is not smart enough. It's a pseudo smartphone: Screen is to small for productive text entry/usage, lower resolution front/back cameras, no wifi hot spot capability, no NFC, slow processor/low memory, no removable battery/memory, no FM radio, no world phone capability. iPhone is a stylish pseudo-smartphone.
So if I want a 4.5" screen iPhone, I don't see how Apple could implement it "differently" and "better than other"? (using technology available today, of course) Yes, 3.5" is a good size for many people, but not for everyone. Why worlds biggest company can not release a couple more screen sizes? Eventually Apple will be forced to do that and then it will become a big deal.
I would put it differently. There are some Apple fans who unconditionally applaud to everything Apple does. And there are some real Apple fans who can criticize Apple. They are not Apple haters, they are here out of frustration that Apple products can not meet their needs.Apple gets plenty of good reviews. Too much, to the extend that we practically have a cult of Apple, which does not help Apple at all.
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