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Sorry, if I offended you. My point is that Apple fanboys always try to dismiss features iPhone lacks. But as soon as Apple offers these features (2 years later), everyone will make big deal out of it. "Got it?"
Of course, the future iPhone 4G would use "significantly less power", hardly any power at all
That one site (Amazon) does NOT break the pattern in spite of being e-commerce site. Amazon's consumer ratings repeat the rating pattern of two other non-commerce sites: on all three the HTC Evo has higher ratings vs. iPhone.
That would also be a problem with this forum, since most of iPhone owners have never owned an Android phone still they allow themself bashing them.
So when iPhone will get 4G you not gonna complain about 4G "terrible battery life" and you gonna sing a different song. Whatever your Apple god gives you, you accept
"Troll"? So you name calling, that means you just lost the argument "If you bother to look", the CNET and the Phonearena don't cell phones, but result is still the same. And since you don't bother to look, it "places you firmly" in the blind worshiper category. Apple is your religion
Consumer ratings are consistant across 3 different sites. It's not just Amazon: it's also Cnet and Phonearena.Considering antenna fiasco, I see why average iPhone user is not that excited about owning the iPhone.
Not less scientific then survey made by financial firm who has vested interest investing in Apple. At least the consumer ratings are independent and consistant across 3 different sites (not just Amazon).
Exactly. On the other hand Amazon.com, Cnet.com and Phonearena.com consistently show iPhone 4 has only 3.5 star (out of 5) consumer rating - not exactly high marks, considering HTC Evo gets 4.5 stars.
Exactly what I was thinking
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