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This is a myth. My GS4 display looks perfect outdoors - in shade, not in direct sunlight of cource. But LCD is not any better in direct sunlight.
"Customers are clearly looking at the size," he said, "but they also look at things like 'do the photos show the proper color?' The white balance, the reflectivity, battery life, the longevity of the display." What's the "reflectivity"? And why iPhone display would have better longevity? Does Tim really know what is he talking about? And average consumer does not even know what the heck the white balance is.
What Safari is really missing for me - plugins. For instance I use LastPass a lot. Another issue to fix is tab refresh.
  Banned? Wow, how scary! Banning - is what this site needs to completely lose traffic.    First, I've never said that "iOS not being able to multitask". Second, according to Wikipedia, iOS got multitasking in version 4.0, but not in version 1.0: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multitasking_(iOS)   So, please do not make "blatant lies" (your terminology). "You clearly aren't trying to add to the thread or any rational discourse".
  I don't hate Apple. I've been using Apple products for 20 years and I have owned two dozen pieces of Apple hardware. I love Apple, but not religiously, like some do. I am objective enough to say, that a smartphone with no copy/paste is "half-assed" (your terminology). 
  For the current state of Apple technology - to be precise. Apple mobile devices don't have enough RAM to support real multitasking.
   Like half-assed iPhone 1: a smart phone that was not smart enough to copy/paste.   Or like half-assed Apple Maps.
Good point, Auxio!
  Eventually the content would be cloud-based only, even when you are on airplane, so you would not be downloading the movie in 1 second, you would be streaming/watching it for 2 hours. 
  Wrong. There are will be no batteries. The power will be wireless. Samsung will probably invent that as well. 
New Posts  All Forums: