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That's right, user-selectable resolution and user-selectable iOS: switch between iPad and iPod instantly in one device.7" is a perfect size for eMail, video, gaming, light web browsing, ebook reading, light note taking, FaceTiming, as fancy remote control, as large cell phone (with blutooth), and as car dash-mounted computer. 7" may not fit into a pocket but it will fit into purse/small messenger bag and most importantly can be comfortably held by one hand. 10" iPad2 is...
The main purpose of a screen is to display content. If a narrow edge of the screen is not touch sensitive, you still can pan, zoom and slide content using large middle area of the screen. An elegant compromise IMO, but it will help to get rid of a side basel, achieving larger screen in a smaller form factor. The phone will also look striking cool with no left/right basel.
The current 3.5" size is a good middle ground size if Apple makes only one model. But some people demand large phones, while others would not mind iPhone to be a bit smaller. Making 3 phone sizes is probably too many, so if Apple makes 2 different size size phones, then: A. 3-3.2" would be the smallest soft keyboard-usable smart phone and there still would be no need to change resolution. B. 4.5" would be about the largest pocketable/single-hand-usable phone and again...
I'd like to see two versions: 3.2" with a body significantly smaller then current iphone 4.5" with reduced basel and a body just a bit larger then current iphone iOS browser should run in full screen mode taking advantage of full screen size - just like Android browser
they can make a 1/4 inch edge of the screen non-touch sensitive
Yes, the smaller iPhone does not have to be with much smaller screen. They can just get rid of all the basel and move hardware button to a side.
The "rumor" is probably once again coming from Apple turning tech community into a giant focus group. I think small cheap iPhone could add a few billions while taking out of business other phone manufacturers. I also see a need for 4.5" iPhone and 7" iPad. I love my 4.3" EVO 4g: screen is so much more usable, besides Android browser running in full-screen mode taking advantage of full 4.3" real estate (iPhone browser has bars on top and on bottom making its browser...
PC hardware business is also low margin, but Apple is able to differentiate, keep prices high, and minimize retail discounts.
It will be cheap. Samsung will include it free with every device they sell: TV, DVD player, washer, dryer, fridge. Fridge will be connected to wi-fi/online music store, Pandora radio...
Yes because of AT&T service. However before I made a decision, I found EVO in most ways equal or better then iPhone which was a secondary supporting factor.
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