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It will be cheap. Samsung will include it free with every device they sell: TV, DVD player, washer, dryer, fridge. Fridge will be connected to wi-fi/online music store, Pandora radio...
Yes because of AT&T service. However before I made a decision, I found EVO in most ways equal or better then iPhone which was a secondary supporting factor.
I switched from ATT iPhone to Sprint Android Evo 4g due to a terrible ATT reception and slow spotty 3g which would constantly switch to EDGE. The EVO 4g speeds are phenomenal and no dropped calls. I also love huge LCD screen besides web browser runs in full-screen mode making it even bigger, 8mp camera with autofocus, HDMI out, FM radio, USB mountable drive. Cool pattern-based screen lock. I have not noticed any issues with Pandora audio.
There is a famous story about a meeting between Yahoo and Microsoft which took place when Yahoo was still a small start-up. Yahoo was growing at neck-breaking speed and David Filo and Jerry Yang were invited to Redmond to talk about working together. The meeting turned into a disappointment when Steve Ballmer joined the conversation and gave his opinion on the future of search engines. According to Ballmer Search Engines were a temporary solution to a temporary...
Oh, close to nothing. They make their own flash memory, RAM and LCD panels: all in China.
I expected $300. Silly me. Android tablets go on eBay from little over $100. Selling Samsung at Apple prices it's like selling Kia at Mercedes price.
Yes, their plasmas are the best. I own one of the first Pioneer TVs and it still beats most of the current LCDs in picture quality. Still no burn-in in 6 years. However plasma technology is on the way out and Apple would not be interested in plasma. It would be interesting though to see Apple going into some type of integrated home theater/TV/computer market.
Facebook and Tweeter - bad idea. With Semantic Web revolution approaching all these fragmented social networking web sites will vanish. There will be just one global semantic web database, one global user pool connected by semantic properties. Google with its primitive keyword search will be irrelevant and it will vanish. Semantic search will be 1000 times more intelligent and it will be done by simple AJAX widgets. Adobe, Sony, Time Warner, Verizon, AMD - these are...
Except Pioneer does not make TVs anymore.
Blockbuster is a much better deal
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