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This is just one article out of 3 and offered. There are many more opinions how to handle this. Mine is a much longer term evolution: continue selling Windows soft. for a while, and make legacy Adobe soft more Mac oriented.The loss of revenue will be marginal and there will be some gain of migration to Mac.But try to put dollar value on potential damage to Apple if Google buys Adobe.Investors seem to love anything Apple does. Mergers happen all the time and most of them work.
I don't thing Apple would immediately stop developing for Window. This would be gradual 5-7 year process, allowing creative windows users to migrate to Mac. Even after that Apple may continue selling non-pro versions of these soft. A basic math discounting a revenue from selling Windows product is too primitive. Think how much these worth:Revenue from migrated Whidows users who now would have to buy hardware in addition to software.Control over certain technologies and...
Well, 'you are wrong in your assessment'. There are plenty of people who think it could work. This is just a quick list:Should Apple Buy Adobe And Stop Developing For Windows? http://www.itproportal.com/portal/ne...oping-windows/7 Reasons For Apple To Acquire Adobehttp://thenextweb.com/apple/2010/03/...acquire-adobe/Why Apple Should Buy Adobehttp://theappleblog.com/2010/03/09/w...uld-buy-adobe/
True, PDF is currently open source and royalty-free use for developing software complying with its PDF specification. However Adobe holds patents to PostScript and PDF, Adobe controls version updates and sells best PDF authoring tools. Now they adding multimedia and Flash capabilities to PDF. Who knows were this technology goes and what it will compete against.
That's right. Microsoft sells plastic disks which cost pennies to burn. Lately even there are no disks at all - just download. MS basically sells air. Apple on the other hand sells hardware. It's labor intensive, it requires high quality components, inventory, transpiration. Even if Apple sells millions of iPads and iPhones, it would probably impossible for them to match Microsoft profit margins. BTW acquisition of Adobe who also sells air would actually diversify Apple...
It would not destroy value of the purchase. Key Adobe products have no alternative on the market, so pro Windows users of Adobe products would have to migrate to Mac. Now they would have to buy both Apple hardware and Apple software. The loss of Windows soft revenue would be compensated by gain in Apple soft/hardware revenue. Ownership of Flash and PDF technologies would also make Apple even bigger player. Imagine, instead of this scenario Google buys Adobe. Imagine,...
Sure, Apple could gradually stop selling [adobe] Windows software forcing all creative pros to buy Macs since on PC side there is currently no good alternative to Photoshop, ILL, DreemW, Flash, Acrobat Pro.
I agree, but for now Apple can't match Adobe portfolio of professional creative software. Besides taking over Adobe Apple would control Windows market of creative software which would boost Mac hardware business: Dreamweaver CS5 Fireworks CS5 Device Central CS5 Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 After Effects CS5 Photoshop CS5 Extended Illustrator CS5 Soundbooth CS5 Encore CS5 Bridge CS5 Dynamic Link Photoshop CS5 Extended InDesign CS5 Acrobat 9 Pro Flash Catalyst CS5 Flash...
Nothing wrong about selling software for Windows. Selling plastic CDs is very lucrative business. Apple would just build [Adobe] software more Mac centered with more features for Mac. This would make a boost to Apple desktop/laptop sales. This would also prevent Google from controlling major set of creative software. This will allow Apple to control Flash destiny.
I'd say: 1. Redesign Flash to build HTML5 visually. 2. Make Adobe Creative Studio Pro for Mac only, while Creative Studio Light for both Mac and PC.
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