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  Money? Apple does not know what to do with all that money. Apple has no leadership.   There are not enough OLED screens for TVs. No one sells OLED TV yet, and those will be sold soon in very limited quantities. OLED TV panels would not work for phones anyway. Samsung controls 95% of OLED manufacturing wich is mainly its Galaxy phones. In order to provide OLED screens for Apple, Samsung would have to more then double the manufacturing capacity which is a huge task taking...
It's a no brainer. OLED is much thinner, bendable, on average consumes less power, produces absolute blacks and wider saturation gamut. Cook knows that. The only reason he "panned OLED": cause Apple currently has no access to reasonably large supplies of OLED, so Cook makes excuses.
I always liked the idea of a wrist watch as controller for a phablet or even stand alone phone.
I like your idea. You can also get rid of the whole ipod line if you make a cellular radio as an option.Next thing, if you make the iOS resolution independent, you can get rid of iPad as sub-OS.And you will end up with a fully configurable i-device product line with screen sizes 4, 5, 6, 8, 10:common idustrial design, components, OS, simple marketing. Sooner or later lazy Apple will have to do it but it will take them at least 2 years to get there from the start. Well,...
actually US corporate taxes are the lowest among large developed countries
is your mom going to call you on Skype? And do you want another phone bill? Samsung and other Android vendors have been selling 7" phablets with GSM SIM card for a while: another market segment Apple has no exposure to.
Yea you can get an ipad but then you have to carry 2 devices
  I am denying it.    Android has a single SDK resolution independent OS. It works with various phone sizes, tablets and even digital cameras.   iOS, on the other hand, is "pixel-perfect" and resolution dependent: iPhone version (3 resolutions), iPod version, iPad (2 resolutions) , Apple TV. iOS is the one with fragmentation: a nightmare for developers. 
  Been there, done that. Samsung had 4" Galaxy version back in 2010:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samsung_Captivate   Apple is, as always, 2-3 years late  
There will be no iPhone Nano, but more likely an 5" iPhone Grade    http://www.engadget.com/2012/10/01/sharp-lcd-panel-type-5
New Posts  All Forums: