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  no. I don't own iphone
  Even though I own 2 Macs and 2 iPads, to me the iPhone is a low end mass market smartphone: 1/2 GB RAM, tiny screen, no AMOLED, no NFC, no SD, no LTE, no USB storage, small non-removable battery, assembled in sweat shops...   Million dollar marketing hype though.
So may be it's 4% now. That only means that Apple's dependency on Samsung grows overtime and not the other way around. If Apple will start using Sharp as LCD supplier it may drop back to 2.5% or 3%. In any case some 1% would not be a loss for Samsung at all. There are plenty of buyers for Samsung part, which are great quality and good value.
  Wikipedia:   Samsung's largest clients (Q1 2010)[87] Rank/company Part description Buying (trillionKRW) % of total sales 1 Sony DRAM, NAND flash, LCD panels, etc... 1.28 3.7 2 Apple Inc. AP (mobile processor), DRAM, NAND flash, etc... 0.9 2.6 3 Dell DRAM, flat-panels, lithium-ion batteries, etc... 0.87 2.5 4 Hewlett-Packard DRAM, flat-panels, lithium-ion batteries,...
  you should write a screen play :)
  I love my 27". If you'd own one, it would be very hard to go back to 21" or even 24".
  I agree. iPhone multitasking is still limited.  iPhone voice control is limited as well: the current iPhone is still not capable voice-launching an app or voice-tweeting (available on the Galaxy).    Andoid 1.0 copy/paste feature was adequate for its time: copying phone numbers, addresses, URLs worked like a charm:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofQqhJ_fa2M ...while iPhone users did not have any copy/paste.
  Actualy copy/paste and basic voice control on Android - since v1. This is a more complete list:       Android iOS Resolution-Independent UI 2007 beta 0 Folders 2007 beta 6-2010 v4 Copy/paste 2007 beta 6-2009 v3 Basic voice control 9-2008...
The design is nice but it's too big for 2012
So you have never had a phone with S Voice to compare with Siri. According to Wikipedia, the S Voice "first appeared on the Samsung Galaxy S III on May 3, 2012".    Even though Vlingo has been available a long time, it does not mean it's not improved overtime.
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