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iOS5 voice command is probably better then on Android 2.3, but I have not tested it yet on Galaxy S3/Android 4
  True. A couple of years ago I did a simple test with my iPhone co-coworker, I said "call Chris" and my HTC EVO dialed it right away. But he could not get his iPhone to voice dial. A more sophisticated voice search (using speech synthesis) was available at that time on Android as well .   Here is more specific list           Android iOS Resolution-Independent UI 2007...
  "There is something incredible wrong" when Apple coming up with iOS features available on Android for ages. Some of these features are still unavailable in iOS:   Copy/paste, true multitasking, notifications, tethering, voice command, USB storage, wireless OS updates, Turn-by-turn voice navigation, NFC, Face unlock, Wi-Fi Direct, cloud backup/sync, widgets, Java MIDP emulator, background processes, Swype keyboard, resolution independent UI (handles many screen...
  schmuck??? Once you start calling names, you lost the argument.    Don't put words in my mouth. I did not call it a 'tablet'. The picture of this Samsung photo frame been around forums many times so it's not a big news, but a reminder. And it does not much matter what it is, as long as it's an electronic device with LCD display.   But my point is that this design (black glossy frame, rectangle with rounded corners and thin chrome around) Samsung created few years...
February 2006       April 2010  
  And I've seen this design before. Samsung photo frame, February 2006:  
  Then, for whom the iPad is designed?
  Where is the "evidence"? Would you provide a link that Amazon publicly admits selling a tablet at below their cost?   It's a myph.  Amazon surely making money on each Kindle Fire. Yes, a tablet could cost less then $199 to manufacture. Best Buy, which is not exactly a discout store, sells for instance a doezen of tablets in $99-189...
  Google will take it and combine it with Motorola
The Loewes web site and product line up looks nice though. Very stylish and industrial design oriented.   Some facts: Loewes' largest stakeholders are Sharp 29%, and LaCie 11%. So you can tell where they get their panels and storage. The largest top of the line TV they make is 52". Lower end 32"-55" Revenue about 300 mill. euro so I guess it's 0.7-1 billion dollar market cap company
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