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  Google will take it and combine it with Motorola
The Loewes web site and product line up looks nice though. Very stylish and industrial design oriented.   Some facts: Loewes' largest stakeholders are Sharp 29%, and LaCie 11%. So you can tell where they get their panels and storage. The largest top of the line TV they make is 52". Lower end 32"-55" Revenue about 300 mill. euro so I guess it's 0.7-1 billion dollar market cap company
  So that's not a problem. If their product is overpriced, then there is room to reduce price especially for the Apple mass market. And I would not call their product "garbage". 
Just a couple weeks ago I suggested Google should acquire Bang and Olufsen, if they want to compete with Apple in electronics space. 
And most of Apple 100 billion dollar cash is in Asian banks. America will probably never see that money. 
Price? Top of the line Android phones cost the same as iPhone. Some actually cost more, e.g. Galaxy Note LTE subsidized ATT price $300 vs. $200 iPhone. And then think about it: many people would not wait 18 month just to fix antenna issue and get minor spec updates. Apple is beating the old horse over and over but a lot of people expect more regardless sleek design and rigorous marketing hype.
Microsoft never gets it right first time. Apple has had flailed products too: remember Newton? No. The reason Apple lost market share is not the price. The reason is that Apple is late with adapting to consumer demand and new technologies. Apple is late with large screen phones, 4G connectivity, OLED displays, etc. Another example: multifunction devices. Samsung sold 5 million of Galaxy Note phone/tablet hybrids in 3 month mostly overseas even before they came to US. It's...
No, I have not noticed. Android manufacturers offer screen sizes 5.3"-9", Apple does not. Android/Win 8 manufacturers offer multi-purpose/multifunction devices - Apple does not. Where is Apple innovation? Apple did not invent a tablet nor capacitive touchscreen.Of course Apple competes against Android since Apple also an OS software company. There are 4 current iOS flavors (ipod, ipad, iphone and AppleTV), but there is only 2 current Android flavors: Honeycomb for tablets...
Dah, it will happen soon. Apple simply does not have a product to compete in 5.5"-8" tablet space. iPad is great tablet for couch potatoes, but there is a huge demand for smaller tablets which could be held by one hand and for multipurpose tablets. There will be more tablets of dual tablet/phone usage with headset and speakerphone. Windows 8 tablet can also serve as productivity tool: you can run full blown desktop apps on it. The industry is changing quickly and...
The problem is that iOS is not flexible enough for various screen sizes/screen ratios. We've got iPod, iPhone, AppleTV and iPad - 4 iOS versions plus in addition there are Retina subversions. This is real fragmentation. Android has 2 current versions: 3.0 Honeycomb for tablets and 4.0 ICS for phones.At some point iOS would need radical redesign going aways from so called "pixel perfect" approach to a resolution independent approach taking advantage of vector UI components...
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