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I agree
Very smart post, indeed
The 93 mil. of "premium quality" iPhones include dated iPhones 3GS and iPhones 4 with the "premium quality" antenna problem.I hope you realize that even the most current iPhone is not made of gold either, just the same plastic and glass. The glass is very fragile though - not Gorilla glass found in other premium phones. Dated LCD technology, no AMOLED, screen size is smaller then credit card, still 512 of RAM, no NFC, no removable storage, no removable battery. It took...
2011 phone sales (millions)iOS 93Android 23786% of Android phones are 4" or larger. So large Android phones outsold small Android and iOS phones combined close to 2:1.Apple is missing huge opportunity. Apple would probably sell twice more phones if a large screen iPhone model would be available.
No, its the New iPhone (fall 2012) with LTE technology
There is a big demand for at least two phone form factors: the current 3.5" and larger 4"-4.5". I imagine one could be called iPhone Classic and the other iPhone Grande. And yes, Apple can support both sizes without any iOS update. As example all three 13", 15" and 17" MacbookPro can run the same 1280 by 800 resolution. Pixels just get bigger on a bigger size display. Same story with a smaller iPad.
Well said!
It is actually changed "significantly". The trend change from 1.5% to 3.2% is more then doubled for Android. It is significant considering fierce competition, short time frame (a quarter) and recent iPhone release. Going further. If you compare current numbers with this statistics http://www.technolog.msnbc.msn.com/t...ndroids-121021 from last July when Android had 42% of the market share, with Apple's iOS at 27%. Now Android at 50% of the market share, with Apple's iOS...
Amazon reportedly sold 6 million Kindle Fires over the holiday season alone. Amazon also sold millions of 6" ereader Kindles. Samsung claims 5 million Galaxy Notes sold with display of only 5.3". Samsung sells in Europe a very nice 7.7" tablet (banned in US) with first Super AMOLED display . So there is a significant demand for 5.3-7.7" tablets. And it's a sweet market for all these companies because there is no competition from Apple, just like there is no competition...
So do I. This is 6" Kindle and 7" Playbook (sorry for the large size pictures):
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