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Amazon reportedly sold 6 million Kindle Fires over the holiday season alone. Amazon also sold millions of 6" ereader Kindles. Samsung claims 5 million Galaxy Notes sold with display of only 5.3". Samsung sells in Europe a very nice 7.7" tablet (banned in US) with first Super AMOLED display . So there is a significant demand for 5.3-7.7" tablets. And it's a sweet market for all these companies because there is no competition from Apple, just like there is no competition...
So do I. This is 6" Kindle and 7" Playbook (sorry for the large size pictures):
Again this is not for everyone. But a lot of people carry both a phone and a tablet. I see a lot of 6-7" Kindles and some iPads - people use on go (bus,train or office). I would buy a hybrid 7" iPad/phone in a heartbeat. I make only 1-2 phone calls a day but I do a lot of web browsing/emailing/e-reading, so having a second device-phone for me is a bit overkill. 5.3" Samsung Note may be a solution but it's a bit too small.
It actually makes sense. The primary use is tablet and secondary - phone - you would use speakerphone or bluetooth headset to make calls. Device like that is for people who don't use cell phone much and don't want to carry a second device. 7" Android tablets with GSM sim card already exist. Expmle: http://www.ebay.com/itm/4GB-7-Inch-A...t_12175wt_1165This is probably piece of junk but sure sounds tempting: 7" Inch Android Tablet/GSMphone 3G for $93! There are other...
The quality of both Apple and B&O industrial design is about equal and ahead of motorolas and samsungs. But what's different is that Apple products oriented on mass market while B&O is oriented on wealthy consumer. Apple has a different business model: Few or just one single product (keeps production cost low)Great industrial designMarketing hype brought to perfectionCheap Chinese labor B&O business model: Full range of productsGreat Industrial DesignModest marketing...
Google could make some serious moves. Google should get Bang and Olufsen to compete with Apple. These guys at Bang and Olufsen have world class industrial design and expertise in audio, video, telephony, home automation, and car audio. And I would make Motorola a cell phone engineering/manufacturing wing of B&O. I can also see the Adobe acquisition and a killer Amazon/Google merger.Samsung would also benefit from acquisitions in European industrial design, and software...
If Apple would become too huge it would have to split into separate businesses. Then in 10-20 years Apple is gonna be conglomerate like Samsung conglomerate.Apple MobilityApple ComputerApplesoftApple Entertainment (iTunes and eventually more)Apple Media and Advertising (eventually including Apple Search) Apple Electronics (TVs, etc.)Apple Semiconductor (based on acquired Intrinsity and eventually others)Apple Display (based on to be acquired Sharp)Apple Appliances
Well, Taiwan is just the name of the island. The country name is Republic of China (ROC). And they speak Chinese Mandarin.
I agree and I think two iPhone models (screen sizes 3.3" and 4.5"-ish) inevitable. There is a huge market for large phones. 4.5"-5.3" phones sell quite well. The 4.6" iPhone, considering aspect ratio, will be somewhere in-between that, approaching the Galaxy Note size. I would buy such iPhone in a heart beat.
Samsung is not for sale due to Korean government regulations, you can't even buy Samsung stock in US on open market, but only though specialized brokers who have access to Korean stock market. But Intel is available. Its market cap is $138 B. Also AMD, TI, Transmeta, National Semi, Taiwan Semi. AMD can build CPU and flash memory and it's only $6 B. But of course it will take a couple of years until any of these would be able to produce processors in these high volumes.
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