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Just one of the reasons I couldn't wait to get my 5s. Thanks for another great iPhone Apple!
It's about the navigation...much better from an iDevice as opposed to the Apple TV remote.
An iPad 5 with A7 and the new Touch ID would surely overwork Santa this holiday season! Lol
Bring on the iPad 5! Again, bring on the iPad 5!
I guess price doesn't matter...well maybe just a little! Lol
Stupid Apple haters. Who cares?
Glad they found it now...early in the release. On to the next one.
@AndrewofArabia...My 5 has great battery life, no complaints here. Check to see what could be draining your power in the background.
OMG...Again. Will someone please give Samsung some original ideas! SMH
Apple...please don't consider hiring an of those ex-Zune or Surface designers! Lol
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