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There is only one iPad Air that's for sure. SMH @ Amazon.
Who cares about stats really? Everybody I know either wants an iMac, an iPad or an iPhone!
Just one of the reasons I couldn't wait to get my 5s. Thanks for another great iPhone Apple!
It's about the navigation...much better from an iDevice as opposed to the Apple TV remote.
An iPad 5 with A7 and the new Touch ID would surely overwork Santa this holiday season! Lol
Bring on the iPad 5! Again, bring on the iPad 5!
I guess price doesn't matter...well maybe just a little! Lol
Stupid Apple haters. Who cares?
Glad they found it now...early in the release. On to the next one.
@AndrewofArabia...My 5 has great battery life, no complaints here. Check to see what could be draining your power in the background.
New Posts  All Forums: