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Glad they found it now...early in the release. On to the next one.
@AndrewofArabia...My 5 has great battery life, no complaints here. Check to see what could be draining your power in the background.
OMG...Again. Will someone please give Samsung some original ideas! SMH
Apple...please don't consider hiring an of those ex-Zune or Surface designers! Lol
Apple never worries. Here comes the new iPad!
This would be great! Nice way to build on the collection from fellow iTunes friends.
Good job Vevo. I've always been a fan...can hardly wait. Great!
It's time the iPod touch went up to 128GB or more. Come on Apple!
They actually called the Surface an "iPad killer"? Right.
After being totally against these changes, I'm starting to really like what Apple is doing with the new iOS. Good work team!
New Posts  All Forums: