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They actually called the Surface an "iPad killer"? Right.
After being totally against these changes, I'm starting to really like what Apple is doing with the new iOS. Good work team!
Wow. The thing just came out and they're slashing prices already? Crap.
Think I'll stick to selling my iPhone on eBay for a nice chunk to upgrade to the newest model and pay the upgrade fee. The contract renewal doesn't bother me.
Has anyone noticed that Apple sells its devices like wildfires with no comparison to Windows devices? Enough said.
Glad Apple is on it. I didn't have any doubts that Apple would fix it. I have that Wi-Fi problem as well, love my new 13" Haswell MB Air though. Go Apple! 
Apple will certainly fix this.
Here's Apple again beating everyone else to the punch...I can see this being a killer feature on a future IPhone and iPad.
The iPad is definitely a superior device IMO...and yeah I own one! Go Apple!
Man...you Apple haters are pathetic! Lol
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