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I knew this Windows thing was DOA...but I'm an Apple lover!
Yeah I see others airlines following this as well. Simple cost effective entertainment for everyone!
Anyway you look at it Apple is like a rollercoaster...with screams, yells, ups and downs...in a good way.
Apple will fix it for good soon...Apple always learns from it's mistakes. I've got faith!
Yeah...I admit...if the NFL or the NBA for that matter could be streamed to my Apple TV both locally and live I'd be ecstatic!
Who cares? Not me. No news here.
Now all we need is higher resolution music files Apple!
Great! The redesigned iPad 5 is gonna be awesome in everyway...can hardly wait.
Really? Apple = cheap. Not! Not happening.
Funny how Samsung's prototypes need Microsoft's support. Apple products are supported by Apple software. Enough said.
New Posts  All Forums: