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Right. Totally not worth it.
It's coming...and when Apple does it it'll be the best out there...just like all their other devices.
Cover your iPad with a case soon after purchase = high resale value on eBay to upgrade. That's all I need!
Bring it on! I've had every generation of the iPad and each one is better than the last...the anticipation!
A big part of the reason that the iPhone and iPad took off so successfully was the fact that their interfaces are "user friendly". Dated...maybe...but even toddlers are learning to use these things!
Hope the redesigned iPad 5 comes sooner that the 3rd quarter...I sold my iPad 4 on eBay!
I knew this Windows thing was DOA...but I'm an Apple lover!
Yeah I see others airlines following this as well. Simple cost effective entertainment for everyone!
Anyway you look at it Apple is like a rollercoaster...with screams, yells, ups and downs...in a good way.
Apple will fix it for good soon...Apple always learns from it's mistakes. I've got faith!
New Posts  All Forums: