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Great! The redesigned iPad 5 is gonna be awesome in everyway...can hardly wait.
Really? Apple = cheap. Not! Not happening.
Funny how Samsung's prototypes need Microsoft's support. Apple products are supported by Apple software. Enough said.
IMO I believe lots of people look at the iPad mini for play and casual use. Even the few people I know have bought the mini for their kids and wives to play around with. It seems that business people and power users (including myself) will always prefer the larger iPad especially with the upcoming future upgrades and designs.
Are they serious? Lol
Wow...so much for bringing the labor back home.
Yeah...I'm an advocate of Epocrates too. INDISPENSABLE!!!
I believe Apple will do whatever it can to keep the iPad out front as a market leader in tablets. On that note, I'll order the 4th generation, the 5th generation and such as long as there's eBay!
Apple sure knows how to put a lock on the industry. Blowing Microsoft out of the water with multiple upgrades and a new product this year...wow. Steve would be proud. Now I just need my iPad 4th generation!
Awesome! Love my Apple TV.
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