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I believe Apple will do whatever it can to keep the iPad out front as a market leader in tablets. On that note, I'll order the 4th generation, the 5th generation and such as long as there's eBay!
Apple sure knows how to put a lock on the industry. Blowing Microsoft out of the water with multiple upgrades and a new product this year...wow. Steve would be proud. Now I just need my iPad 4th generation!
Awesome! Love my Apple TV.
I so hope they refresh the 9.7" iPad soon. This gives Apple the chance to streamline the Lightning Connector to the new iPad, correct that heat issue nobody talks much about anymore and implement the new A6 chip all before the holiday season. Go Apple!
Not surprised at all. Move along.
What's the point? There are no great Windows devices to support the service except the Xbox.
Surely everyone knows that the connector would be replicated sometime soon... it's not like making a key to the White House you know!
Just ordered my 64GB! Thanks Apple...you guys must be better prepared to handle the trafffic this time:-)
All I want is a new 15" with the new thin design and the Retina Display minus the hard drive. Give me that and you've sold one Apple!
Really? What's the value in owning something like this?
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