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Surely everyone knows that the connector would be replicated sometime soon... it's not like making a key to the White House you know!
Just ordered my 64GB! Thanks Apple...you guys must be better prepared to handle the trafffic this time:-)
All I want is a new 15" with the new thin design and the Retina Display minus the hard drive. Give me that and you've sold one Apple!
Really? What's the value in owning something like this?
For those who don't already know...Dell = crap.
I think Apple is gonna do whatever it has to do to keep it's leading edge...like any king would do. Go Apple!
Totally bogus. Period.
Until the new Macs come.
Well.. I really like my 4S but I'm looking forward to the iPhone 5. I feel better knowing I'm not the only one getting screwed!
Another casualty of Android and Windows. R.I.P. HTC:-(
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