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For those who don't already know...Dell = crap.
I think Apple is gonna do whatever it has to do to keep it's leading edge...like any king would do. Go Apple!
Totally bogus. Period.
Until the new Macs come.
Well.. I really like my 4S but I'm looking forward to the iPhone 5. I feel better knowing I'm not the only one getting screwed!
Another casualty of Android and Windows. R.I.P. HTC:-(
All this over a name? It's the latest iPad. People get over it...really?
I'm so waiting for my new iPad to arrive on the 16th...gonna tell my boss I gotta leave early...I'm gonna be sick...sick I tell you...sick with ANTICIPATION! Go Apple!
Too late! Apple has outdone it again (the competition I mean).
You know how it is...people are so quick to criticize the "new, different" thing. Just human nature I guess.
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