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Until the new Macs come.
Well.. I really like my 4S but I'm looking forward to the iPhone 5. I feel better knowing I'm not the only one getting screwed!
Another casualty of Android and Windows. R.I.P. HTC:-(
All this over a name? It's the latest iPad. People get over it...really?
I'm so waiting for my new iPad to arrive on the 16th...gonna tell my boss I gotta leave early...I'm gonna be sick...sick I tell you...sick with ANTICIPATION! Go Apple!
Too late! Apple has outdone it again (the competition I mean).
You know how it is...people are so quick to criticize the "new, different" thing. Just human nature I guess.
I really hope not...then what will the iPad fourth generation be called?
Yeah really...drop the 13" and adopt the "AirBook" name. Sweet!
The beginning of worldwide manufacturing of the iPhone...Apple insuring its stake in the future. I'm not surprised:-)
New Posts  All Forums: