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I remember the days when Apple used negative advertising to bash Windows. Never impressed me as a Windows user (rather quite the opposite) and of course never considered getting a Mac until long after the iPhone came out when the Macs were not only substantially improved but offered synergy with the iDevices. I do own an Android device (LG Nexus 5) and when it comes to upgrading that, I won't be considering any Samsung devices - I'm not going to buy from a company that...
yeah and on the confirmation e-mail, it says "You can make some changes, such as color or storage size, subject to store availability."  That's good to know.  
I finally managed to get an order in via the Apple Store app and it's for 19 Sep pick-up at my local Apple store.
Cook said Apple needed to double down on secrecy; doesn't look like it's working out for him.
As for getting advice on Apple, you'd be better of asking the magic eight ball than relying on Gene Munster.
...Especially considering that Carney just left the administration that was recently polled as being the worst we've had since at least WW II. Yep... even worse than Bush!... What poll was that and he was worse than Bush or Ari Fleischer?
Sounds like a feature to me.
Maybe it's next to a Microsoft store.
How Bruce Sewell (Apple's General Counsel) has stayed around is beyond belief; a competent law team would not allow these endless and costly black eyes. If Sewell was a baseball player, he'd be batting .125 and dropping easy fly balls.
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