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So has iFixit ever broken down a stylus (e.g. the Surface Pen) or did they decide to grab some free PR by breaking down an Apple accessory?  
The title should have included, "will be sold on iTunes" to avoid one presuming you couldn't get it online or from Apple. Yes, it's in the text of the article but note the first comment to the article; the person went off the title.
I have an iPad Pro and haven't had this issue but what's with the influx of Apple bashing trolls?  Go back to your homes at MSFT or Google and bash your own stuff; the Surface Book and Nexus 6P have plenty of problems but when there's an Apple issue, insane hysteria and hyperbole run wild with the tired tropes like this wouldn't have happened under Steve Jobs.  Give it a rest already.  
yes, it does but it's the version that requires you to be connected to power.  Although if you have the Siri dialog box up, it will respond to Hey Siri even if unplugged.  
What's with the tech pundits foaming about the iPad being called Pro and yet they don't blink when Microsoft calls their underpowered overpriced contraption Pro?  
Yep, xenophobic racist Australians at it again!
OMG, should I take my iPad Pro back because the 'Insiders' are getting hysterical about "Hey Siri"?  Wait a minute, my iPad Pro doesn't have live photos either!   Wait, wait..it doesn't have 3D Touch either!!  That's it - Apple has screwed me for the last time this year - no more purchases until next year!  
The Surface Book scored an abysmal 1 on the iFixit repairability score but there's no doom & gloom from the Windows shills.  
No such problem with Touch ID on my devices with the notable exception of the iPod Touch 
The quote you cited about manually removing the files suggests that an automated removal could be produced by an enterprising security app developer.  
New Posts  All Forums: