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The 8.4.1 update also patches Jailbreak exploits; so don't update if you're jailbroken.
Amazing to read the Windows centric sites as they bend over backwards to find the goodness in this axe cutting but how exactly will these drastic cuts suddenly help them make a compelling phone and app eco system that's going to drive the masses to switch over from Apple or Google? Sorry Windows fan boys, but it's clear they're throwing in the towel and making sure the fiscal footprint for this dying end of their business is as tiny as possible.  
So what about those who already have a Beats subscription?
It's about a 99% chance here that one or more of the AltConf attendees bristled at the thought of these clowns profiting from broadcasting the free keynote and dimed them out. Kudos to whoever did it.
The key takeaway here is, "The new hires are unlikely to make any significant contributions in the short term" and it's not always necessary to do some kind of convoluted extrapolation to the next big Apple thing based on employment ads.
Glad I dropped AT&T
1. Feel bad after using faulty heart rate monitor 2. Hire Lawyer 3. File class action lawsuit 4. Profit.
actually no because it's an Enterprise app not an App Store app.  
Aw shucks, another lost opportunity for the tech pundits to spew out the Apple tropes.
Let's develop a probable scenario for this grave problem. Some Apple hating Android lover who has skillz to implement this obscure exploit sets up a free WiFi hotspot to entice iOS users and than trolls them by crashing their devices. Tim Cook, fix this now!
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