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I'm afraid we might have to raise the FUD flag.  It's very easy to determine if your device has been rooted and not that difficult to unroot the device and reinstall the firmware.  Claiming you have to replace the device is hysterical nonsense.  
If the filmmakers had approached this movie in a Citizen Kane like manner with a fictional character inspired by Jobs (ala Charles Foster Kane vs William Randolph Hearst), you can take whatever artistic license you want to make it compelling and dramatic.   Once they decided to make it a biopic about Steve Jobs, they were constrained by reality even as they produced a fictional farce. 
Even if the dubious notion that closing apps will have no effect on performance is correct, it's often just a matter of tidiness in closing out apps so I can more readily find the app card I want to get back to.  
Good for Microsoft; they must have pre-sold dozens!
Just you wait - the new Surface slabs will bring in the M$Sheep by the truckload. I know this because the supposedly agnostic tech press is just slobbering over the latest MS offerings and calling them Macbook killers.
So if Apple is going to engage in censorship such as removing games that contain the confederate flag, you can't really whine when they censor left wing agitprop.  Frankly, I don't like censorship on any side of the coin but Apple is going to do what they think is best for their business, and the App Store Guidelines pretty much allow them to remove any content for any dubious reason.   It just strikes me funny when people who might have applauded Apple for censoring...
Hmm, let's compare what Apple has provided the world vice what Sorkin has provided the world.
Rated R for language?? Wow, the religious right infection is getting out of control.
Predictably, the Google touts are upset and giving it one star reviews - I weighed in with a perfect 5; way to troll 'em Apple.
The 8.4.1 update also patches Jailbreak exploits; so don't update if you're jailbroken.
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