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Glad I dropped AT&T
1. Feel bad after using faulty heart rate monitor 2. Hire Lawyer 3. File class action lawsuit 4. Profit.
actually no because it's an Enterprise app not an App Store app.  
Aw shucks, another lost opportunity for the tech pundits to spew out the Apple tropes.
Let's develop a probable scenario for this grave problem. Some Apple hating Android lover who has skillz to implement this obscure exploit sets up a free WiFi hotspot to entice iOS users and than trolls them by crashing their devices. Tim Cook, fix this now!
One thing is for certain; the Analytics firm SourceDNA is spreading FUD since "1,500 iOS apps exposed to serious HTTPS vulnerability" doesn't mean squat other than making people hgysterical. Explain how this vulnerability in one of these highlighted app would magically steal all your credential or just cite a concrete example of how the vulnerability would affect an app like Uber; is somebody going to hijack the taxi you ordered?
Too much convoluted effort for too little return.
They should both be sentenced to using Windows phones.  
Quoting Google's 'philosophy' statement, "Android brings the openness that shaped the Internet to the mobile world." and "You can make money without doing evil." I think when this case is over and done, we'll have to put such lofty & dubious sentiments to rest.
That will teach him for not using a passcode or using a simple one. 
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