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Damnit, Mr. Cook better triple down on secrecy.
After a long hiatus from using a watch, I'm going to try take a chance on the Apple watch. I'm hoping that the long term focus though is far less health & fitness tracking but more universal - as in enhancing all of your daily life activities. If Apple's advertising for the watch is primarily health & fitness, it will be marginalized as a fitness speciality product that won't be flying off the shelves. In the end, like the iPhone, the app developers will ultimately...
Microsoft is only 0%? I'm guessing it's at least -30%.
Brace for doom!
I'm not getting a flyover option on any of these new offerings.
Amazing that Bruce Sewell still has a job.
This is a case of bad publicity being good publicity.
It's the reality distortion field - Apple is doomed!
That's good news; guess I'll be doing some grocery shopping at Winn-Dixie instead of Publix.
No doubt Net Neutrality is important but to suggest that Obama's proposed government regulation of the Internet as a utility is appallingly partisan and will certainly result in much higher costs for the consumers and/or slower service for all. Not to mention, the US government (and others nation states) will continue to abuse their power to illegally spy and invade our privacy; giving them regulatory control will only enhance their capabilities to do so.
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