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The real joke he made wasn't about the maps (starbird73 already noted that Google had the same problem in Australia) but the statement, "I certainly trust Apple, and I trust Google, and I trust Microsoft, for that matter. These are not corrupt organizations; these are nice people trying to serve you." That is hilarious!!
a Fruit only diet plus LSD is probably a bad mix.
It's fixed - save the foaming for the next 'cirsis'
Another court smacks Bruce Sewell in the face.
I think the outage was an hour or so; is Appleinsider going to post an angst filled article for every moment of downtime? I'd rather see something more empirical like the percentage of downtime over a given month or year. If their uptime is around 99%, maybe you should reconsider the need to wildly gesticulate
Once you bring it up in Safari, click the share icon and select 'Add to Home Screen' and name it something like Apple Status - works great.  
You can't fault the man for using the finer things in life.
The best part of Google Maps on iOS is that I won't have to hear the tech pundits whine about the lack of Google maps on iOS. I'm definitely not grooving with the 2x version on the iPad and with the exception of playing with Street View on a rare occasion, I don't see much reason to use this app over the native Apple map, and Waze is much more useful for navigation.
Apple is Doomed!
There's numerous reasons for the failure of this venture but the primary reason is Robert Murdoch.
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