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You really hit the nail on the head - the wording of the EU law is the problem and I believe the law also notes that it's assumed flaws did not exist at the time of delivery if 6 months have passed.  Apple's legal staff in Europe are fully aware of the law and have exploited it to ensure they can keep selling the warranties.  Also, the Apple warranty includes features such as technical support that aren't included in the EU warranty law.  As you noted, different countries...
Just like AT&T blocks the personal hotspot feature for the unlimited (throttled) data users, AT&T is obviously going to block them from using facetime over data too. There's nothing to suggest that they'll add a new charge if you're already paying for limited data (2G, 5G, 10G) but I guess AI just goes with the copy and paste tech pundit crowd.
The litigation losses mount - Mr. Sewell isn't earning his keep.
Poor Nokia is in the 'other' category and if you're a Fandroid crying foul, how about checking eBay and see how much the used devices are for selling for.
So a Google 'rising star' with no relevant leadership experience is suppose to right the Yahoo ship? So what kind of initiative can we expect from the 'rising star' - perhaps Google Buzz, Google Wave, or a dozen other product flops? With Google's immense success in it's core search business, they can afford to float a plethora of products in hopes that one will stick but not so for Yahoo.
  Oh of course, but you'll be happy to give you the hacker's YouTube channel and enjoy the ad revenue from all the page hits. 
This sounds like another poorly executed legal strategy from the offices of Apple's General Counsel - Mr Bruce Sewell.   
Yes, Sewell is busy with lawsuits that have garnered Apple nothing m  ore than pyrrhic victories and stalemates.  In the case of EPEAT, the legal department should have vociferously recommended against abandoning EPEAT due to federal compliance laws that would cost the company government contracts.  Let's remember that Apple was already in compliance except for perhaps the new MacBook Pro Retina.  Perhaps Sewell did that - I doubt it just as I doubt that he's he's...
Actually he blamed his Mobile Me team, telling them that they had “tarnished Apple’s reputation,” and that they, “should hate each other for having let each other down.”   In this EPEAT issue, Cook executed a fast u-turn before there was damage that might have required him to personally apologize.  
When the iPhone first came, out, Jobs initially didn't allow 3rd party applications to 'pollute it's integrity' but eventually changed his mind, and of course he presided over the Mobile Me debacle and pulled the plug. That's a good sign when a CEO recognizes mistakes and has has the flexibility to change or even reverse course as Cook did here.
New Posts  All Forums: