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I have an iPhone 5s on 7.0.1 and can replicate the bug. 
I wish Mr. Cook would double down on security rather than secrecy.
My guess - Apple is doomed!!
I smell a lawsuit in 3, 2, 1...
Johnson tried to put lipstick on a pig and it naturally failed.  
I'm bidding 50 cents to have coffee with Steve Ballmer assuming he pays for the coffee.
Poor Tim, it's no wonder he hates litigation and one can only imagine the legal fees they've racked up to do all this litigating with next to nothing to show for it. It's time for Tim to send Bruce Sewell packing.
There’s hacks to bypass the lock screen on Android all together (giving full access) and it’s get minimal tech media attention. Happens on Apple and it's a feature new article on every tech media site with the usual Apple bashing hyperbole.  That's not to say we as users should excuse Apple and I'm hoping that Ive and company are hard at work to refreshen a rather stale OS to include better security features.    
Considering that Apple makes a produces a line-up of Macs and even iPad's with different screen sizes, one might think they could produce 2 or 3 iPhones with different sizes and I'm not including the older models. Not all hands are of equal size and so it makes sense from an ergonomics standpoint to offer different sizes of handsets, plus some will prefer larger screen sizes over smaller ones despite the one-handed convenience of the smaller devices.
The real joke he made wasn't about the maps (starbird73 already noted that Google had the same problem in Australia) but the statement, "I certainly trust Apple, and I trust Google, and I trust Microsoft, for that matter. These are not corrupt organizations; these are nice people trying to serve you." That is hilarious!!
New Posts  All Forums: