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  Actually they had a limited amount of time with a prototype that Nokia gave them and failed to do or publish a complete comparison test that showed photos from the full range of lighting conditions.  Of course no comparison can be done with off-the-shelf devices since the Lumia 920 isn't for sale yet.  
    Nokia did produce fakes and the photo you posted here is from an Engadget test using a prototype that Nokia gave them.  Don't you want to see a full range of photo tests (e.g. all lighting conditions) with off the shelf devices?  Don't you want to compare the devices in every other smartphone category as opposed to just the camera and the color of the shell?  Obviously not since your sig stated that you're switching to a Lumia 920 and it's not on the market yet.     
I don't think it's a bug with the iPhone or that the bug is new.  Issues with the devices using cell data while in sleep/standby mode instead of available WiFi have been around for quite sometime.  
Wait a minute; weren't all the Android shilling pundits at the Verge and elsewhere crying that the iPhone 5 was boring?  
And no doubt these adverts will be rendered using your puny annual data cap. A data plan for suckers.
Thanks for the correction - at least you can stream 1 song a day and not go over the cap. 
Not to mentioned you'll be dunned with Amazon adverts on the lock screen.
Don't think you really learned math - you get 20 MB a month for that plan or about 3-5 songs downloaded and you're finished for the month 
That works out to being able to stream 1 song a day without breaking your cap -  a real 'bargain' along with the adverts on the lock screen.
At first, I read it as Apple shares tumbled 50% and I was like WTF?!
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