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Guess the Patent Troll Professor is going to be forced to get a job to pay all those lawyer bills.  
Of all my devices, only my iPad 3 (Verizon) was leaked.  I wonder if all the devices leaked were from Verizon?  
nobody said anything about Microsoft and RIM - they're already doing a fair job of killing themselves but at least they have original looking designs in the mobile space.  
You mean Apple can't copy what the thief originally stole and calls open source?
It's just a flesh wound! ... Come back here and take what's coming to ya!  
Another amazing scoop from Gizmodo - zzzzzzzzzzz
Long before Browett came on the scene, I have not been at all impressed with the Apple Store staff apart from those at the Genius bar.  I've found the average sales assistant to either lack knowledge about the products or laxidasical.  
Aha!! The Find my iPhone software caused this violent confrontation - what does Tim Cook have to say for this tragedy?!
Since the ads weren't designed to appeal to tech pundits, the tech pundits panned them as a failure.  The success of the ads are based on whether or not the target audience bought into them, and clearly the ads weren't aimed at tech pundits.  The ads that the pundits have typically touted as successful (those mocking Microsoft Windows) might of been more entertaining but I don't think they sold anymore Macs because of them.  As a hardcore Windows users prior to the...
New Posts  All Forums: