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Here's my prediction for the Windows 8 Launch    1.  Windows 8 is released for sale and the tech pundits will hail Microsoft for evolving the OS, deep mobile integration, etc.    2.  Consumers and Enterprise won't listen to the tech pundits, and will scrupulously avoid the Win 8 Metro UI mess.   3.  Realizing that the shilling for Microsoft isn't paying off and to save face, the tech pundits will do an 180 and lambast Ballmer for laying a Windows Vista egg.
That makes sense provided the LTE signal is good and you have an unlimited data cap and  - most don't.  Also, at the airport, there's lot of visitors from outside the country who would have to pay extremely roaming charges and so the free Wi-Fi is used heavily.  
No, there's no sign-up involved - it's free Wi-Fi 
The biggest issue with Windows 8 is how Ballmer and company crudely bolted on the Metro UI and desktop users have to jump through hoops to get around it.  It would be like if Apple updated OS X to show the iOS like Launchpad on boot up and you had to run a Finder app to get the normal desktop back.  Having used Win 8 for months, it's still very annoying.   
At the airport I work at, there's a ton of visitors from Europe and South America - I'd think all the legions of Android users from outside the USA would want to use that free airport Wi-Fi, eh?  I guess like somebody mentioned, maybe the Android users don't use airplanes and take a bus instead.  
This story and the chart doesn't seem to square with the previous story about Samsung doubling Apple on iPhone shipments.  Samsung show barely any growth to Apple's 15% but gosh darn it, Samsung/Google are winning on shipments and activations.  
BTW AI, have you thought about doing some investigative journalism on these fantastical claims by Samsung/Google?  I work at a major airport in Florida and when running a simple network scan on the free Wi-Fi service, it invariably shows about 90% connections from Apple devices vice anything else.  Where are all these Android phones hiding?
Err AI, shipments versus sold?  Apples to Oranges?  At any rate, other than seeing tech pundits like Leo Laporte shilling for the Galaxy S III, I've only seen one in the wild.  Where's the hordes of crowds who bought and carry it around?  
AI, I was reading on CNET how this happened; to quote, "This error is rooted in the problem in which Apple prematurely opened its up-to-date program earlier this week. The up-to-date program was live for a few hours before Apple took it down, and during that time the program issued a number of redemption codes to those who had applied...If you have this problem and cannot get your free update to Mountain Lion, then for now, wait. Apple is apparently aware of the issue...
Some clown on the Apple discussion forum blamed the problem on Tim Cook; he rushed out Mountain Lion to cover-up for the 'poor' earnings call.  LMAO, the trolls never cease to amaze.  Get a grip - you'll get your Mountain Lion.  
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