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Perhaps although when Microsoft has to face the reality of actually selling this overhyped Surface gimmick, the impact on PC sales will be utterly negligible. That's just my educated guess of course but when you have a product with no price, no ship date, a new OS that isn't lighting the world up, and a restricted demo that was more about marketing than substance, one would be foolish to put their hopes on this Unicorn.
It isn't taking on the iOS Game Center (other than closely copying the name) - it's competing with whatever Google will put out in it's Play Center to compete with Amazon's beat you to it "Game Circle" and it will be a confusing mess.
Actually according to Omni Software Update Statistics, the percentage of PowerPC users was less than 3% as of 2009, and how many people are still using Rosetta on Snow Leopard? Just because people might be unable to upgrade to Lion doesn't mean they're needing to use Rosetta to run 6+ year old PowerPC apps. If one must though, maybe consider disabling Java or don't bypass the warnings and install unknown java content.
At this rate, MetroPCS will get the iPhone before T-Mobile  
New Amazon Handset: Ring-Ring   Amazon Phone Customer:  Hello?   Amazon Marketer: Hello Mr Smith, in exchange for providing our Amazon Kindle Shopping Phone to you at a significant loss, we'd like to offer you the opportunity to become an Amazon Prime member for only $79 a year.   Amazon Phone Customer: This is the tenth time you've offered me this!  Stop calling!   Amazon Marketer: We're sorry Mr Smith, if you change your mind, you can simply tap on the...
Ballmer just keeps cementing his reputation as a double-tongued huckster.  
Quit your day job Ballmer - you can be a comedian.
I have yet to figure out why Apple took the step to remove Macs that were already EPEAT certified.  Even if one current machine or perhaps future machines don't meet the standard, than deal with it, but just pulling out completely and withdrawing already certified machines doesn't seem to smell right.  Is this a case of Apple having a temper tantrum because EPEAT wouldn't change the standards to ensure their new Retina Mac would be certified?   Being as Apple is located...
I have no problem with Woz touting Android, Windows, or any other tech but either being deceitful or ignorant in claiming that a reincarnated Steve Jobs would create this gimmick notebook with the Win 8 Metro UI mess, stylus and keyboard.  Jobs specifically planned the iPad without a keyboard and stylus. 
Why doesn't Noise Free sue it's rival?  Sounds like a fishing expedition.  
New Posts  All Forums: