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It's still there.
Oh yes, Steve wouldn't wear something like that. Oh wait, here's a picture of him in a suit, tie and name tag in 2007. Steve was watching his buddy Al Gore receive the Nobel Peace Prize for inventing the Internet or inventing Global Warming - one of the two.
Actually they did announce the feature (iCloud Tabs) in iOS6 - see http://www.apple.com/ios/ios6/
To quote from an Ars Technica article concerning Windows 8 minimum requirements, "there’s a wide gap between a system that can run Windows 8 and a system that can run it well." From their perspective, the run it well machines would be in the neighborhood of 5 years old and earlier. I've been running Windows 8 preview on a Dell Inspiron e1705, circa 2007 and I'd classify it as run it mediocre. As such, I'd be reticent to tout Microsoft's support for old machines.
Forced to upgrade? You mean Apple is holding a gun to your head or your 5+ year old Mac will suffer a seizure and stop working on the day ML comes out?
If Apple had put out this tablet, they would be skewered by the tech pundits for it being Wi-Fi only, no retina display, max capacity of 16 GB, and no rear facing camera. Google does it and the tech pundits swallow the Kool-Aid and tout it no end.
Pressed for more targeted as? AI, we got some serious grammatical issues here. Also, why would Cook sitting in some session about Israel vs Iran indicate that an HDTV is in the works?
Perhaps although when Microsoft has to face the reality of actually selling this overhyped Surface gimmick, the impact on PC sales will be utterly negligible. That's just my educated guess of course but when you have a product with no price, no ship date, a new OS that isn't lighting the world up, and a restricted demo that was more about marketing than substance, one would be foolish to put their hopes on this Unicorn.
It isn't taking on the iOS Game Center (other than closely copying the name) - it's competing with whatever Google will put out in it's Play Center to compete with Amazon's beat you to it "Game Circle" and it will be a confusing mess.
New Posts  All Forums: