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I have yet to figure out why Apple took the step to remove Macs that were already EPEAT certified.  Even if one current machine or perhaps future machines don't meet the standard, than deal with it, but just pulling out completely and withdrawing already certified machines doesn't seem to smell right.  Is this a case of Apple having a temper tantrum because EPEAT wouldn't change the standards to ensure their new Retina Mac would be certified?   Being as Apple is located...
I have no problem with Woz touting Android, Windows, or any other tech but either being deceitful or ignorant in claiming that a reincarnated Steve Jobs would create this gimmick notebook with the Win 8 Metro UI mess, stylus and keyboard.  Jobs specifically planned the iPad without a keyboard and stylus. 
Why doesn't Noise Free sue it's rival?  Sounds like a fishing expedition.  
But Google just wants everything to be open  
Another stalemate for Apple
Now before the Fandroids get a bad case of self-righteous indignation, most of your favorite Android phones are manufactured by Samsung and they've been a leading company in showing contempt for the environment by using banned and highly toxic substances according to the Public Eye Awards, a Berne Declaration and Greenpeace Switzerland initiative. ...
It's to keep the new iPads from going out the wrong way
Another expensive legal stalemate in progress.
Maybe they can protect future shipments by labeling the vans with Android symbols.
All well and good until the stolen device is shipped to another country or used on another carrier.
New Posts  All Forums: