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Not to mentioned you'll be dunned with Amazon adverts on the lock screen.
Don't think you really learned math - you get 20 MB a month for that plan or about 3-5 songs downloaded and you're finished for the month 
That works out to being able to stream 1 song a day without breaking your cap -  a real 'bargain' along with the adverts on the lock screen.
At first, I read it as Apple shares tumbled 50% and I was like WTF?!
Please Apple, take my money yet again!
Guess the Patent Troll Professor is going to be forced to get a job to pay all those lawyer bills.  
Of all my devices, only my iPad 3 (Verizon) was leaked.  I wonder if all the devices leaked were from Verizon?  
nobody said anything about Microsoft and RIM - they're already doing a fair job of killing themselves but at least they have original looking designs in the mobile space.  
You mean Apple can't copy what the thief originally stole and calls open source?
New Posts  All Forums: