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AI, how about changing the title; should be iPod Touch instead of just iPod - as you should know, there's four versions of the iPod.
This is bad news for the legions of tech pundit shills who tout anything but Apple. I can just imagine Leo Laporte throwing his Galaxy S III against the wall in frustration and trying to figure out how he can tout it even more on his MacBreak Weekly, iPad Today, and other podcasts, err 'netcasts'.
Exactly, and Apple should probably take a page out of Google's book and offer up a nice cash reward for those who identify these type of exploits.  Instead, Apple's wall of silence and Mr. Double Down on Secrecy won't react until the exploit is out in the wild and they're being skewered by the tech media, humbled by the hackers, and than forced out of their cocoon of silence to do PR & damage control.  
And so when iOS 6 rolls out with increased privacy controls and requires user permission when an app attempts to access to contacts, calendar, etc. (making this removed app obsolete), the pundits will whine that the pop-up dialogs are a major annoyance.  
Don't worry folks - you're in good hands!  
Of course they didn't note anything about charging for Facetime - perhaps an extra $20 per month to enable it over cellular :(
You really hit the nail on the head - the wording of the EU law is the problem and I believe the law also notes that it's assumed flaws did not exist at the time of delivery if 6 months have passed.  Apple's legal staff in Europe are fully aware of the law and have exploited it to ensure they can keep selling the warranties.  Also, the Apple warranty includes features such as technical support that aren't included in the EU warranty law.  As you noted, different countries...
Just like AT&T blocks the personal hotspot feature for the unlimited (throttled) data users, AT&T is obviously going to block them from using facetime over data too. There's nothing to suggest that they'll add a new charge if you're already paying for limited data (2G, 5G, 10G) but I guess AI just goes with the copy and paste tech pundit crowd.
The litigation losses mount - Mr. Sewell isn't earning his keep.
New Posts  All Forums: