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Time to roll out an Apple Trope. How about this wouldn't happen under Steve Jobs.
I'm always chagrined when religious right wing purveyors of small government are purveyors of big government when it comes to demanding that the government impose their barbaric edicts from their bibles full of misogyny, racism, homophobia, religious supremacy, and the like.
Damnit, Mr. Cook better triple down on secrecy.
After a long hiatus from using a watch, I'm going to try take a chance on the Apple watch. I'm hoping that the long term focus though is far less health & fitness tracking but more universal - as in enhancing all of your daily life activities. If Apple's advertising for the watch is primarily health & fitness, it will be marginalized as a fitness speciality product that won't be flying off the shelves. In the end, like the iPhone, the app developers will ultimately...
Microsoft is only 0%? I'm guessing it's at least -30%.
Brace for doom!
I'm not getting a flyover option on any of these new offerings.
Amazing that Bruce Sewell still has a job.
This is a case of bad publicity being good publicity.
It's the reality distortion field - Apple is doomed!
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