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Sounds like hyperbolic FUD - "WireLurker can jump from a Mac onto an iPhone running a vanilla version of Apple's operating system by leveraging Apple's enterprise provisioning assets." Doesn't sound like the average user would have to worry about that unless you have an enterprise device eh?
The fact that he suggests using filevault might suggest one needs physical access to the machine.
Actually Steve was a social liberal but pro-business and supported Obama with reservations.  Why should Cook have to hide in the closet or make his sexual orientation a secret to avoid offending religious homophobes and bigots?
The buffoonish Walmart CEO could care less about security breaches or that CurrentC is dead on arrival - he just wants "VISA to suffer"
Tim has to be careful about upsetting the bigots - they'll switch to Android.
I'm guessing the Google paid YouTube Tech Pundits will ignore this one.
No wonder NSA approved it - super easy to spy on.
I'm sure Gene Munster predicted this - not. 
Is James Comey related to J. Edgar Hoover by chance?
So the first rumor has been dispelled by the latest rumor and it must be an Apple problem.
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