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So Microsoft is continuing to cannibalize sales of their partner's PCs or is it vice-versa?
I really hope that Apple didn't make a mistake with the 5c, either in making too many of them (at the expense of the 5s) or setting the price of the 5c way too high.
Actually there’s an easier way to make a call when an iPhone is locked – simply use Siri and it works perfectly unless it was specifically explicitly disabled in the passcode lock setup. That’s a feature by the way not a bug.   At any rate, this type of lock bypass bug routinely pops up on Android devices (e.g. google ‘another lockscreen security bug found in Samsung Android phones’) but I don’t see the same level of hyperbolic headline pundit coverage.
I have an iPhone 5s on 7.0.1 and can replicate the bug. 
I wish Mr. Cook would double down on security rather than secrecy.
My guess - Apple is doomed!!
I smell a lawsuit in 3, 2, 1...
Johnson tried to put lipstick on a pig and it naturally failed.  
I'm bidding 50 cents to have coffee with Steve Ballmer assuming he pays for the coffee.
Poor Tim, it's no wonder he hates litigation and one can only imagine the legal fees they've racked up to do all this litigating with next to nothing to show for it. It's time for Tim to send Bruce Sewell packing.
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