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I'm not getting a flyover option on any of these new offerings.
Amazing that Bruce Sewell still has a job.
This is a case of bad publicity being good publicity.
It's the reality distortion field - Apple is doomed!
That's good news; guess I'll be doing some grocery shopping at Winn-Dixie instead of Publix.
No doubt Net Neutrality is important but to suggest that Obama's proposed government regulation of the Internet as a utility is appallingly partisan and will certainly result in much higher costs for the consumers and/or slower service for all. Not to mention, the US government (and others nation states) will continue to abuse their power to illegally spy and invade our privacy; giving them regulatory control will only enhance their capabilities to do so.
Every month Microsoft patches a multitude of security exploits and it gets nary a mention but an iOS exploit that's caused by user (ill)-intent to bypass security controls causes tech pundit foaming at the mouth and a government bulletin.  
You don't need to buy a new phone every year and it's safe to assume that valuable old iDevices aren't going to the landfill.  Unlike other cheap slabs, people who can't otherwise afford new iDevices will buy the older models; so it's neither wasteful or bad for the environment.   
The tech pundits seem to be making the most hay about this 'slow adoption' rate but compared to any other mobile or desktop OS, it's way ahead of the pack. The fact that the adoption rate is slower than the previous iOS version doesn't mean doom and gloom; the chart shows 95% are using the current or last version with the majority on the current version.
The tech pundits on other sites should read this but they already know it; they rather post more sensational click bait to spread FUD.
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