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Sounds like a feature to me.
Maybe it's next to a Microsoft store.
How Bruce Sewell (Apple's General Counsel) has stayed around is beyond belief; a competent law team would not allow these endless and costly black eyes. If Sewell was a baseball player, he'd be batting .125 and dropping easy fly balls.
Hope he bought the Applecare warranty
He either left because iOS 7 was a failure or he left because he's good and Apple won't be able to replace him. Either way, Apple is doomed.
Yes, don't feed the trolls.
at first I read it as 1.790% and than I saw the comma - holy crap.
per the apple support site, you have to turn iTunes match on to remove the ads.   http://support.apple.com/kb/TS5181
It's amazing how people who would normally decry any monopolistic enterprise will shill endlessly for Microsoft/Windows and now they're in denial that the MS stream-roller is broken.
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