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Must suck to live in Germany; it's even more patent litigation friendly than East Texas.
I installed Android 4.0 on a $99 HP Touchpad (RIP WebOS) and except for some useful network utilities that Apple won't allow, I'm not impressed by the byzantine ICS UI or the quality of apps, especially those that are have a far superior iOS version.
There's two reasons they did it. One, because they advertised their blue slab as being out of beta as compared to iPhone/Android. So with a major bug that clearly indicates their slab is no less a beta than the others, now they're forced to eat some embarrassing and costly humble pie to make it up to the customers that bought into their bogus marketing claims. The 2nd reason is likely due to Nokia and/or MS being in a full panic mode and needing desperately to get...
To quote from AllThingsD, "Naturally, Windows apologists, sick of being the target of a decade of malware-based ridicule, were quick to jump up and down and scream that the Mac’s newfound market success has made it the next natural target for malware creators." In fact, most of the frothing at the mouth about this incident has come from Windows evangelists like Ed Bott at ZDnet. That said, if you don't have security software and you're using highly exploitable...
So much for the hubris of Nokia/Microsoft in calling out iPhone and Android devices as betas and now they're reduced to giving away their beta hero phone. Keep in mind Windows honks, there is no free lunch; it’s a two year contract on AT&T.
I wonder how many complaints they get from consumers who bought Wi-Fi only models
You notice how Larry Page's nose has grown precipitously? I think it happens every time he opens his mouth.
I didn't claim that the trojan was made up - I'm disputing this Dr Web's numbers and the FUD to imply that hundreds of computer at the Apple Cupertino campus are part of the bot net.
One would expect the general tech media to go with anything that would tarnish Apple but I would hope an Apple-centric site would due some fact checking. For example, Symantec rates the infection rate for this trojan as very low and this Dr Web outfit is little known; any confirmation from a more established company like Kaspersky? When they make a claim how many computers from Cupertino are affected, doesn't the red flag raise in your mind?
Feel just hundreds of thousands? AI, proof-read before posting. Also, the reviews I read such as those from Mossberg and Topolsky were down on the phone because of problems with the device such as poor quality pics, UI, and WiFi . MIght want to be more specific than simply saying not 'competitive'.
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