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At least those sick haters from Westboro Baptist didn't have the chance to picket his funeral. One thing that made my blood boil was seeing a comment from a religious supremacist bemoaning about Steve not knowing Jesus, and thus was condemned to an imaginary dungeon of eternal hell.
No doubt that the life of Steve Jobs warrants a movie, esp. a serious documentary or two. As for a Hollywood biopic, I would guess the qualitative results would be somewhere between god awful and mediocre.
Hopefully that's not the case since that type of thinking will lead to rigid orthodoxy and eventual stagnation. You don't want to impede the next potential innovator/visionary by thumping a Steve Job's Bible.
A sad irony that I got an alert of Steve's passing on the iPad. RIP
According to a report in Bloomberg, "Whitman, in her first interview as Hewlett-Packard’s CEO, said the company stands by plans to acquire U.K. software marker Autonomy Corp. for $10.3 billion. The company also will continue to explore whether to sell or spin off the personal-computer division, she said." The board is simply hoping that Whitman will more positively execute their suicide strategy.
RIM's PlayBook manufacturer cutting production lines as sales slump and a fire sale is happening in 3, 2, 1....
Apple will win some battles but will ultimately lose the war
Drop the price another $500 and I'll be on it like a fly on...
Before people cry for poor 'ol Deutsche Telekom, remember that AT&T is on the hook to pay them $3 Billion if the deal fall through. If your heart is still bleeding for Deutsche Telekom, let them have a fire sale and hand over T-Mobile to Sprint.
Not "true" streaming? Am I reading Cult of Mac here? If you watch the various YouTube demos that were made soon after the beta went live, the song plays immediately when hitting the title and it doesn't get stored on the device unless you select the download button. If you select the download button, it doesn't play - it downloads it. So how about getting clued in before posting?
New Posts  All Forums: