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Before people cry for poor 'ol Deutsche Telekom, remember that AT&T is on the hook to pay them $3 Billion if the deal fall through. If your heart is still bleeding for Deutsche Telekom, let them have a fire sale and hand over T-Mobile to Sprint.
Not "true" streaming? Am I reading Cult of Mac here? If you watch the various YouTube demos that were made soon after the beta went live, the song plays immediately when hitting the title and it doesn't get stored on the device unless you select the download button. If you select the download button, it doesn't play - it downloads it. So how about getting clued in before posting?
As I see it, Apple has to win in two courts here - one is the court of law and the other is the court of public opinion. In my humble opinion, Apple will will lose in the court of public opinion and will at best, get a stalemate in the court of law. As to public opinion, unless you're a complete honk for Apple Inc, any reasonable person can see that an Android devices are sufficiently different from an iPhone or iPad. Whether or not they are better is debatable, but...
This is link bait considering Apple is among a dozen or more major companies pushing for it, and the article suggests that only a few other companies are supporting it. In checking Reuters, I'm seeing a long list and the title is, "Factbox: WIN America members include Microsoft, others." How did you manage to miss Microsoft and make it and make it Apple centric?
By the time iPad fever fades, Chairman Wang will have been long replaced.
Don't know that many webOS devs will be taking up the MS offer but Leo Apotheker would certainly fit in Ballmer's hip pocket.
All the Touchpad stock was sold out in my area by early morning. From looking at eBay, it appears that the resellers swooped in and are quickly turning them around at about $200. If they had dropped the retail price to $200 instead of $99, they still would have sold out but I guess HP was desperate to wash their hands of this debacle and Leo Apotheker will live in infamy as the man who will transformed HP from a giant to a mouse.
RIM planning meeting: In the absence of innovation, we've come up with a ripoff music subscription service.
Breaking News: The hundreds of customers that bought the TouchPad are rushing back to Best Buy to return their scrap.
Another half-baked iPad killer rushed to market.
New Posts  All Forums: