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The iPad gave my friend 3rd degree burns on his fingers and the back of the iPad is hot enough to fry eggs....Mike Daisey giving you the total truth with a smidgen of hyperbole and bombast.
So you're saying that Apple's use of cheap labor in China via Foxconn is not a political issue? I beg to differ but it seems that many people bashing on Apple 'conveniently' forget that Apple is among among a vast multitude of corporations that use use labor in China and other developing countries. Also, it's not just computer technology; clothes, shoes, food, appliances, and so forth. Apple has indeed a political target for people like Daisey and Michael Moore if you...
Sorry pal, I loathe the right wing crap talk as much as I loathe Michael Moore - equally vile and contemptible. If it will make you happy, I'll say that Mike Daisey also gets his inspirations from Rush Limbaugh. Limbuaugh, Moore, and Daisey are theatrical propagandists and any truth gets lost in the bombast.
He must get his inspirations from Michael Moore.
What exactly has Apple gained from the Steve Jobs nuclear litigation strategy? Miscellaneous positive and negative ruling with counter-suits in various jurisdictions around the world resulting in a rather expensive stalemate. I would hope that Mr Cook and company would take a more rational view, and cut some deals with the big companies ala Google, Samsung, etc. Use the legal budget to defend against the never ending stream of patent trolls such Proview and sue those who...
My iPad order shows it's shipped but the tracking number is not in the Fedex system yet and the Apple TV is still 'processing' - not getting a warm fuzzy here
Is the dude in the drawing bald because of all the radiation exposure from holding the phone to his head?
The brilliance of Jobs was attracting and motivating brilliant people who made Apple what is today. However, it doesn't follow that Ron Johnson will be turn JC Penny into an Apple success story. Apple sells a few handfuls of unique and innovative technology products while JC Penny is a venerable department store chalk full of stuff and you buy the same stuff at other department stores or online. I'm sure he'll able to streamline, organize and make a more appealing...
I heard the new iPad is going to have a special tin-foil backing that will allow you to get text messages from the alien moon-base.
I'd be very curious to know how much Apple has spent on this patent litigation strategy against Android, and what do have to show it for except for a handful of pyrrhic victories and spending more money to defend against counter-suits.
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