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My iPad order shows it's shipped but the tracking number is not in the Fedex system yet and the Apple TV is still 'processing' - not getting a warm fuzzy here
Is the dude in the drawing bald because of all the radiation exposure from holding the phone to his head?
The brilliance of Jobs was attracting and motivating brilliant people who made Apple what is today. However, it doesn't follow that Ron Johnson will be turn JC Penny into an Apple success story. Apple sells a few handfuls of unique and innovative technology products while JC Penny is a venerable department store chalk full of stuff and you buy the same stuff at other department stores or online. I'm sure he'll able to streamline, organize and make a more appealing...
I heard the new iPad is going to have a special tin-foil backing that will allow you to get text messages from the alien moon-base.
I'd be very curious to know how much Apple has spent on this patent litigation strategy against Android, and what do have to show it for except for a handful of pyrrhic victories and spending more money to defend against counter-suits.
the death rattle of a patent troll
Sell iPad 2 plus tax refund = iPad 3 and profit.
Hate to sound like a broken record but Apple's 'nuclear' litigation strategy will invaraibliy result in painful stalemates or if they're playing poker, I'll see your patent and raise you two more. The winners are the lawyers and the losers are the consumers that aren't able to use the promised services and features.
Trademark trolls are the lowest of the trolls.
slow news day i guess
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