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The Kindle Fire is essentially some Amazon lipstick gloss on an Android pig. Let's wait until this slab hits the street before we crown it as the next big thing, and I'm eagerly awaiting the customer reviews as the silk fantasy meets the harsh reality.
Is that what we call the Mac Clone tax?
So Adobe concedes defeat and it's time for another Star Wars sequel - "The Wrath of the Fandroids"
If this is true, Adobe better prepare for the wrath of the Fandroids.
Flash works great on the HP Touchpad - ohh, wait.
Maybe the new processor is great but put it in a $499 Android Honeycomb 3.2 tablet and its a fail.
Not interested in the politically fueled pseudo-science of Greenpeace.
Wonder how many people cancelled their Kindle Fire order after the initial hype died down.
If you want to see planned obsolescence, this graphic tells you all you need to know:Android Orphans: Visualizing a Sad History of Support
I don't know - maybe electronic article surveillance or other loss prevention methodologies. Cant imagine that Apple neglected to consider those implications.
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