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the death rattle of a patent troll
Sell iPad 2 plus tax refund = iPad 3 and profit.
Hate to sound like a broken record but Apple's 'nuclear' litigation strategy will invaraibliy result in painful stalemates or if they're playing poker, I'll see your patent and raise you two more. The winners are the lawyers and the losers are the consumers that aren't able to use the promised services and features.
Trademark trolls are the lowest of the trolls.
slow news day i guess
Or in other words, Apple is Wolfram Alpha's savior.
If somebody has installed the update, what is the build number? Is it 11D50?
There's a world of difference between a company not proactively recruiting from another company and a company not accepting applications or refusing to hire somebody from that company. Of course that critical distinction gets lost in the tech pundit hysteria. Ergo, if an Apple engineer was looking to shop his skills at Google and they told him to hit the door, both Apple and Google should be punished to the full extent of the law but if the agreement was simply not to...
No surprise - Apple's thermonuclar strategy against Android will at best result in expensive legal stalemates. It's time for Cook to put a fork it and pursue a pragmatic course of action and sign patent agreements ala Microsoft and LG.
The new CEO: Mr Sock Puppet
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