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Is there a $200 off fire sale yet?
iCloud is primarily a support system for iDevices so you can use them sans a PC plus some added functionality such as syncing bookmark, calendars, contacts, documents, etc. across iDevices and PCs. Unless iOS 5 and iCloud arrive out of beta in the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) state and Apple explains it simply, it will be a confusing debacle. As for myself, I have a PC (Mac) and I see no pressing reason to use iCloud as a backup but I'll certainly use the secondary...
It's not "open source" folks - let's call what is it: "stolen source"
I switched my iTunes billing to a virtual credit card number with a tiny credit limit and I've cancelled all Paypal pre approved payments - not just Apple.
It would be nice if the tech blogs resisted the temptation to publish every filing of a lawsuit.
A faster processor and better camera with iOS5? That doesn't sound like a line inducing offering and if it's true, I'll be waiting for the next version. That's not necessarily a bad thing by the way.
This story doesn't pass the sniff test. Why would Apple have any interest to comply with the request when it would have only cost them 34K to ignore the rule like Google did? Also, how exactly is Apple implementing this return policy or is this simply a cut and paste story?
Apple is making a laughing stock out of themselves - how do you have an "iCloud" service with no iDisk or iWeb? It's just a poor man's version of Sugar Sync except you only get to sync a few selected proprietary file formats. The Dropbox touts will say just use Dropbox but keep in mind that the cheapest paid Dropbox option (that gives you more than 2 GB) is $99 per year and that's just to replace iDisk. While Mr Jobs took some shots at Mobile Me to tout iCloud, I hope he...
No they won't Koof because the other browsers have settings to emulate Firefox or Safari desktop - which is exactly what Apple should be doing with it's mobile browser. As for your clueless soap box comment, go back to banging your Windows box and stroking your Android bar.
As for using other browsers: Opera Mini: Pulls up the mobile version of NYPost.com Perfect Browser, Skyfire, or Atomic Web: Pulls up desktop version of NYPost.com if you change settings for Desktop rendering
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