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iCloud - ho hum. A combination of data caps and slow and/or spotty mobile broadband service does not bode well for the cloud dream. I already use MobileMe for key backups and sync; it's satisfactory for that purpose but expensive. If this iCloud service reduces the costs and does not degrade my current service (e.g. eliminating iDisk by restricting uploads to music or movies), I won't complain. Lion - not overly impressed with the cosmetic iOS layover and the other...
Another incident to embellish & exploit for anti-Apple FUD but to quote the title of a pro wrestling opus, "Controversy Creates Cash". Next thing you know, somebody will claim that the the Apple employee beat somebody for trying to sell Xooms to the waiting customers.
I understand the need to keep dredging up news to keep the hits gong but do you really have to report every frivolous Ambulance chaser? These particular litigants even acknowledged that Apple's terms of service allows location tracking as they laughably stated, "Apple should have had a "single sentence disclosure" rather than adding a line to a lengthy terms of service."
How did the title become Google takes on iTunes when it should be Google takes on NetFlix - they are the leader by far in digital streaming; 61% share vs 4% for Apple according to NPD Group. I guess in the zeal to whip up the fanbois, you falsely pose it as Apple vs Google.
Stop already! You don't even know what's in the upcoming version never mind the version after it.
An off-center of gravity form factor and foldable dual-screen setup? So the former will be uncomfortable to hold in hand and the the latter cuts the display in half so you can make it a glorified netbook with virtual keyboard. What's next Sony? Tail fins?
Stop comparing Apples to Apples
So the venerable New York Times wants you to pay $20 a month to read their rag on the iPad. Bwahahahaha!!!
Anybody with a semblance of intuition realizes that Steve Jobs is extremely ill but leave it to the tabloid ghouls to destroy the man's privacy and dignity. I hope those who appreciate Steve Jobs contributions will refrain from buying the National Enquirer as they attempt to cash in on his misery.
Fail - Fail
New Posts  All Forums: