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Don't know that many webOS devs will be taking up the MS offer but Leo Apotheker would certainly fit in Ballmer's hip pocket.
All the Touchpad stock was sold out in my area by early morning. From looking at eBay, it appears that the resellers swooped in and are quickly turning them around at about $200. If they had dropped the retail price to $200 instead of $99, they still would have sold out but I guess HP was desperate to wash their hands of this debacle and Leo Apotheker will live in infamy as the man who will transformed HP from a giant to a mouse.
RIM planning meeting: In the absence of innovation, we've come up with a ripoff music subscription service.
Breaking News: The hundreds of customers that bought the TouchPad are rushing back to Best Buy to return their scrap.
Another half-baked iPad killer rushed to market.
Is there a $200 off fire sale yet?
iCloud is primarily a support system for iDevices so you can use them sans a PC plus some added functionality such as syncing bookmark, calendars, contacts, documents, etc. across iDevices and PCs. Unless iOS 5 and iCloud arrive out of beta in the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) state and Apple explains it simply, it will be a confusing debacle. As for myself, I have a PC (Mac) and I see no pressing reason to use iCloud as a backup but I'll certainly use the secondary...
It's not "open source" folks - let's call what is it: "stolen source"
I switched my iTunes billing to a virtual credit card number with a tiny credit limit and I've cancelled all Paypal pre approved payments - not just Apple.
It would be nice if the tech blogs resisted the temptation to publish every filing of a lawsuit.
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