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If somebody has installed the update, what is the build number? Is it 11D50?
There's a world of difference between a company not proactively recruiting from another company and a company not accepting applications or refusing to hire somebody from that company. Of course that critical distinction gets lost in the tech pundit hysteria. Ergo, if an Apple engineer was looking to shop his skills at Google and they told him to hit the door, both Apple and Google should be punished to the full extent of the law but if the agreement was simply not to...
No surprise - Apple's thermonuclar strategy against Android will at best result in expensive legal stalemates. It's time for Cook to put a fork it and pursue a pragmatic course of action and sign patent agreements ala Microsoft and LG.
The new CEO: Mr Sock Puppet
Because it's Apple and if was some other tech company, it wouldn't be a big story, there wouldn't be the tech pundit frothing, and we wouldn't have discussion that devolve into hyper ideological chest thumping and the rest of it. If you're indignant over the fact that there is worker abuse in the developing / non-democratic world, buy only computers made (NOT just assembled) in the USA (including ALL the individual components of that computer), and than do it for every...
Here we go again with the famous Apple double standard and reporting of every negative issue (real or imagined) with respect to it's manufacturing. Never mind that these stories almost always involve every other major tech company; only Apple is held accountable and the tech media and "USA only" honks lather up over Apple abusing the workers and how they should be making all their stuff in their USA, etc. -sigh- First off, even if the honks got their way and the parts...
Here's the email I sent to the Rabbi: Oh 'Lord', For a religious luddite to carp about the iPad is an asinine case of straining a gnat while swallowing a camel. To quote the esteemed Sir James Paget, "I know of no book which has been a source of brutality and sadistic conduct, both public and private, that can compare with the Bible. " And you have the gall to ignorantly blame a piece of technology for the ills of society when the superstitious Jews, Christians,...
The problem here is Apple hasn't invented the solution that Google can copy.
The Kindle Fire is essentially some Amazon lipstick gloss on an Android pig. Let's wait until this slab hits the street before we crown it as the next big thing, and I'm eagerly awaiting the customer reviews as the silk fantasy meets the harsh reality.
Is that what we call the Mac Clone tax?
New Posts  All Forums: