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Looks like the analysts found another hare up their ass
One of the more popular tweets I've seen on this: "Its thoughtful of BlackBerry to honour Steve Jobs by having two days of silence." ouch
I wonder if that's an oversight or if Apple intentionally labeled the service beta to avoid providing support. Normally Apple has limited distribution of beta software to developers and small numbers of the public through it's Appleseed program, and support is provided through the confidential beta channels. I can't see that Apple will withhold support for a key software component that comes with the phone and is touted as one of the big reasons to upgrade.
Can somebody tell me if it's build 132?
Maybe Google can ink a deal with Comedy Central and go with Chocolate Salty Balls.
The only android handset I'm mildly interested to see is the Nexus Prime and "Ice Cream Sandwich" (let's hope the OS is more inspired than the farcical name)
We lose Steve Jobs and we're left with incompetent buffoons like Reed Hastings; I weep.
At least those sick haters from Westboro Baptist didn't have the chance to picket his funeral. One thing that made my blood boil was seeing a comment from a religious supremacist bemoaning about Steve not knowing Jesus, and thus was condemned to an imaginary dungeon of eternal hell.
No doubt that the life of Steve Jobs warrants a movie, esp. a serious documentary or two. As for a Hollywood biopic, I would guess the qualitative results would be somewhere between god awful and mediocre.
Hopefully that's not the case since that type of thinking will lead to rigid orthodoxy and eventual stagnation. You don't want to impede the next potential innovator/visionary by thumping a Steve Job's Bible.
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