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That's some shrewd and prudent marketing.
If you felt the need to educate your audience as though we're clueless neophytes, you should have went all the way and explained what Cydia was.
I thought it was a bizarre replica of the gawd-awful Windows 8 Metro UI.
What would we do without Consumer Reports to illuminate us?
So 'union awareness' is a CNET exclusive eh? What's will be their next exciting Apple Inc scoop - product placement training charts made with PowerPoint? How about the break schedules?
To quote Miller from the Forbes article, "”Android has been like the Wild West,” says Miller. “And this bug basically reduces the security of iOS to that of Android.” No, it doesn't unless you have outbreaks of malware that Android routinely suffers, and so he's stooped to spreading FUD to get attention. In fact, in an article about Android malware from March of this year, Miller states, "Google's Android Marketplace differs from Apple's more controlled App Store....
According to the Amazon Developer page for the Kindle Fire, "Your app cannot require a gyroscope, camera, WAN module, Bluetooth, microphone, GPS, or micro-SD to function. In addition, your app must not be a theme or wallpaper that manipulates the user interface of the device." So a WiFi only 7" form factor with no microphone, camera, GPS, gyro, and my mouth is suppose to be watering to get my hands on this 'bargain'?
Actually South Korea employs draconian censorship under the guise of 'protecting the children' and the same is done in the USA but not to the level that the right or left wing nanny state advocates desire.
Cue the "evil Apple is tracking and monitoring all your voice commands" in 3, 2, 1....
In addition to Apple falling silent about iTunes Match, iCloud is a headache and there's a growing problem with the iPhone 4S (and perhaps other iOS5 devices) having an echo effect - see link. You'd think Apple Insider would be spilling some ink on these type of issues. https://discussions.apple.com/message/16393382#16393382
New Posts  All Forums: