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Apple is Doomed!
There's numerous reasons for the failure of this venture but the primary reason is Robert Murdoch.
These outages with iMessage and Facetime are almost routine now. I remember when people were bashing RIM when they suffered a rash of BBM outages; people were touting iPhones as an alternative. Hmm, I realize it's a bit of Apples to Oranges but Apple can't run a cloud service to save it's life.
It's interesting that some tech pundits are thinking that Apple is hiding the iPad mini sales by announcing combined figures. I'd guess it was the opposite and there's probably very tepid interest in the iPad 4.
In addition to jettisoning Forstall and Browett, Cook should quickly remove Bruce Sewell and get a more diplomatic legal chief and dispense with the arrogance and foolish behavior that has resulted in stalemates, losses, and a very poor / embarrassing pubic image.  They did get the major jury victory against Samsung but that was despite themselves.  Down the road, they are almost certainly in for some serious spankings unless they replace Mr. Sewell and take a more...
With the embarrassment and the latest debacle in Mexico over the 'iFone', Mr. Cook should start looking for a new General Counsel. Mr Sewell's legal record for Apple is on balance strongly in the negative.
With the open and free Google mindset, we should decry the railroad's claim; do they think they own a patent on rounded clocks?
  Actually they had a limited amount of time with a prototype that Nokia gave them and failed to do or publish a complete comparison test that showed photos from the full range of lighting conditions.  Of course no comparison can be done with off-the-shelf devices since the Lumia 920 isn't for sale yet.  
    Nokia did produce fakes and the photo you posted here is from an Engadget test using a prototype that Nokia gave them.  Don't you want to see a full range of photo tests (e.g. all lighting conditions) with off the shelf devices?  Don't you want to compare the devices in every other smartphone category as opposed to just the camera and the color of the shell?  Obviously not since your sig stated that you're switching to a Lumia 920 and it's not on the market yet.     
I don't think it's a bug with the iPhone or that the bug is new.  Issues with the devices using cell data while in sleep/standby mode instead of available WiFi have been around for quite sometime.  
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