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Wait a minute; weren't all the Android shilling pundits at the Verge and elsewhere crying that the iPhone 5 was boring?  
And no doubt these adverts will be rendered using your puny annual data cap. A data plan for suckers.
Thanks for the correction - at least you can stream 1 song a day and not go over the cap. 
Not to mentioned you'll be dunned with Amazon adverts on the lock screen.
Don't think you really learned math - you get 20 MB a month for that plan or about 3-5 songs downloaded and you're finished for the month 
That works out to being able to stream 1 song a day without breaking your cap -  a real 'bargain' along with the adverts on the lock screen.
At first, I read it as Apple shares tumbled 50% and I was like WTF?!
Please Apple, take my money yet again!
Guess the Patent Troll Professor is going to be forced to get a job to pay all those lawyer bills.  
New Posts  All Forums: