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How Bruce Sewell (Apple's General Counsel) has stayed around is beyond belief; a competent law team would not allow these endless and costly black eyes. If Sewell was a baseball player, he'd be batting .125 and dropping easy fly balls.
Hope he bought the Applecare warranty
He either left because iOS 7 was a failure or he left because he's good and Apple won't be able to replace him. Either way, Apple is doomed.
Yes, don't feed the trolls.
at first I read it as 1.790% and than I saw the comma - holy crap.
per the apple support site, you have to turn iTunes match on to remove the ads.   http://support.apple.com/kb/TS5181
It's amazing how people who would normally decry any monopolistic enterprise will shill endlessly for Microsoft/Windows and now they're in denial that the MS stream-roller is broken.
There's no way Canadians will move to sunny California to make a lot of money - they love the four seasons and the freezing winters most of all. Plus, being patriots, they rather be unemployed than work for the evil company that brought down Blackberry.
Please do this - the SIM ejector pins are readily lost and you end up hunting for just the right size paper clip.
The camera is ugly!...Samsung Shill
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