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No wonder NSA approved it - super easy to spy on.
I'm sure Gene Munster predicted this - not. 
Is James Comey related to J. Edgar Hoover by chance?
So the first rumor has been dispelled by the latest rumor and it must be an Apple problem.
Good, I'm tired of trying to unlock my iPad with my finger print.
They should have bought the company and replaced every executive.
I think Apple needs to expand Appleseed to include iOS and of course it helps to do proper regression testing.  At least if you had Appleseed working with iOS, these kind of end user bugs would likely be caught before general release. 
You can listen to Gene Munster or flip a coin; the coin will probably be more accurate.
damn, Apple fixed it sooner than expected - the pundits & bashers were expecting a weekends worth of hyperbolic wrath. Let's focus on bend-gate and the bash exploit for maximum effect.
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