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good one and let's not forget the default trope - it's Tim Cook's fault and would never have happened under Steve Jobs.  
what a jackass but it's his team - whatever.
YouTube tech pundits know that any Apple vid will get views; so intentionally bend/destroy aluminum iPhones to prove the obvious and profit. One rarely sees this kind of behavior with Android or Windows flagship phones. Those too have their own problems (often serious) but never gets massive attention except within the owner and specialty blogs devoted to those devices.
No doubt Apple should have serious egg on their face for failing to properly test the update before release but I wonder how many iPhone 6 owners actually managed to update before it was pulled. Probably not many but the tech pundit press and bashers are in full scale rage mode and highlighting every Apple fail from antenna gate forward. The ones who can legitimately rage are those who got their phone bricked but it's not that difficult to restore back to 8.0. Calm...
From the headline title, one would assume that Apple never engaged on the issue but in fact, the article says that Apple was working with Balic and asked him if he could access an account in a reasonably short time. The article doesn't detail what if anything he said back to Apple.
The reason Android has succeeded has been really thanks to Apple and despite the executive corporate buffoonery of people like Schmidt. Apple's lack of hardware choices, lack of software customization, and embarrassing gaffes going back to antenna gate to the latest embarrassment of easily bent phones and firmware updates bricking the phones are a boon for the competition, mainly Android.
A maintenance update that bricks the phone is inexcusable and the embarrassment could have been spared had they simply released the update into beta dev channels just one day prior, and it would have been pulled at that point instead of being released to the general public. In any case, it’s a boon for the tech world to be able to spill plenty ink on the problem and this time, rightly bash Apple.
I remember the days when Apple used negative advertising to bash Windows. Never impressed me as a Windows user (rather quite the opposite) and of course never considered getting a Mac until long after the iPhone came out when the Macs were not only substantially improved but offered synergy with the iDevices. I do own an Android device (LG Nexus 5) and when it comes to upgrading that, I won't be considering any Samsung devices - I'm not going to buy from a company that...
yeah and on the confirmation e-mail, it says "You can make some changes, such as color or storage size, subject to store availability."  That's good to know.  
I finally managed to get an order in via the Apple Store app and it's for 19 Sep pick-up at my local Apple store.
New Posts  All Forums: