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New lego - same old Microsoft.  
So when Google Motorola can't innovate, they litigate and yet another case of Google mimicking Apple (i.e. the thermonuclear patent litigation strategy)    
Of course if Apple fails to meet these wild analyst expectations, the doomsdayers will cluck that it's the beginning of the end for Apple. 
Wow, you have a serious pair of rose colored glasses.  Are we forgetting the the mercurial Mr. Jobs was known to publicly abuse and fire employees on a dime, take credit for other people's work (e.g. Jony Ives), and many of the questionable business practices of Apple were started under the reign of Mr Jobs?  Whether or not the man was wrongly terminated will be decided in the court but I can quite imagine this scenario happening under Jobs, perhaps more so.  However,...
Here's a transcript of the phone call:   Tim: Kwon, good to talk to you again.  I want you to know that I really hate litigation.   Kwon: Yes Tim, let's resolve this to our mutual satisfaction.   Tim: Stop making Android phones   Kwon: LOL   Tim: See you in court forever
A free concert ticket to Flo Rida?  Pretty sad you have no product that you can actually give out - all out of Zunes?  
This is bad news - they're actually having to pull out the couches at Google HQ to find the spare change to pay the fine.  
iCloud = Mobile Me 2
Somehow I don't think the Ballmer 8 phone will save Nokia from the abyss.
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