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Please do this - the SIM ejector pins are readily lost and you end up hunting for just the right size paper clip.
The camera is ugly!...Samsung Shill
The Google shills rejoice.
Very cheap lipstick on a pig
oh no, Apple is doomed as they sell millions more of the expensive 5s devices. Steve Jobs would never let this happens, Tim Cook should be fired, blah, blah, blah.
I've not noticed any dramatic increase in crashes between my 5s and the 5 but I was actually more problems given the newness of the 64 bit architecture. I noticed the resident Google shills/Apple haters here on the forum are crapping about Apple being doomed for going with 64 bit -sigh-
Almost feel sorry for the sad sacks that have to sit in front of those giant screens getting a bad case of gorilla arm and eye strain. In any case, Fox News and CNN are the last places I'm looking to get factual news without the partisan spin.
It would be better to flip a coin for your investment decisions rather than follow the advice of this idiot.  
Not a degree difference between my iPhone 5S and iPhone 5
Right now, the tech pundit sites are furiously thinking how they might be able to blame Apple for this.
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