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Cook said Apple needed to double down on secrecy; doesn't look like it's working out for him.
As for getting advice on Apple, you'd be better of asking the magic eight ball than relying on Gene Munster.
...Especially considering that Carney just left the administration that was recently polled as being the worst we've had since at least WW II. Yep... even worse than Bush!... What poll was that and he was worse than Bush or Ari Fleischer?
Sounds like a feature to me.
Maybe it's next to a Microsoft store.
How Bruce Sewell (Apple's General Counsel) has stayed around is beyond belief; a competent law team would not allow these endless and costly black eyes. If Sewell was a baseball player, he'd be batting .125 and dropping easy fly balls.
Hope he bought the Applecare warranty
He either left because iOS 7 was a failure or he left because he's good and Apple won't be able to replace him. Either way, Apple is doomed.
Yes, don't feed the trolls.
New Posts  All Forums: