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Err AI, shipments versus sold?  Apples to Oranges?  At any rate, other than seeing tech pundits like Leo Laporte shilling for the Galaxy S III, I've only seen one in the wild.  Where's the hordes of crowds who bought and carry it around?  
AI, I was reading on CNET how this happened; to quote, "This error is rooted in the problem in which Apple prematurely opened its up-to-date program earlier this week. The up-to-date program was live for a few hours before Apple took it down, and during that time the program issued a number of redemption codes to those who had applied...If you have this problem and cannot get your free update to Mountain Lion, then for now, wait. Apple is apparently aware of the issue...
Some clown on the Apple discussion forum blamed the problem on Tim Cook; he rushed out Mountain Lion to cover-up for the 'poor' earnings call.  LMAO, the trolls never cease to amaze.  Get a grip - you'll get your Mountain Lion.  
The title should be re-worded to "Apple disappoints clueless investor pundits while making huge profits"  
If anybody has just installed from the App Store, is it build 12A269?  
Of course, I use Windows and I have two different security suites to try and keep out the countless number of worms and viruses that are created nearly everyday for the MS platform.  But to suggest that iOS is insecure because it might be used as a conduit to transmit a Windows virus is absurd and I certainly don't want iOS to be bloated with Windows AV scanners.  
That's hilarious - it's a Windows virus hiding in an iOS app.  
The legions of tech pundits that shill for Android and Microsoft will will spin this as an Apple mea-culpa on security and how iOS/OS X is as insecure and malware ridden as Android and Windows.  
AI, how about changing the title; should be iPod Touch instead of just iPod - as you should know, there's four versions of the iPod.
This is bad news for the legions of tech pundit shills who tout anything but Apple. I can just imagine Leo Laporte throwing his Galaxy S III against the wall in frustration and trying to figure out how he can tout it even more on his MacBreak Weekly, iPad Today, and other podcasts, err 'netcasts'.
New Posts  All Forums: