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The "perfect" thermostat with people with way too much money to spend and not enough intelligence to spend it wisely.
For what you're getting the price is right ...
You don't watch them for news so who cares what resolution their screens have - Faux Noise is nothing more than a right-wing propaganda machine, frothing at the mouth and arousing the knuckle-dragging mouth breathers.
It's an aeration pump you dolts and by the way, I thought Soviet-era architecture was dead. Apparently not.
and he's still there with a delayed "retirement date." It's time to scrub the top level and Board of the old school (and yes, that includes Gates). This has been a rolling train wreck for many years. MS? The next Kodak, Xerox?
and you wonder why people want to kill all the lawyers ...
and boy, if there's anybody who knows about security threats it's the feds ...
will it make phone calls?
Maybe the DOJ needs to name an independent counsel to investigate itself for its anti-democratic policies and let the public worry about who's ripping who off.
At last, a visible positive action by Obama for business ... better late than never.
New Posts  All Forums: